Infographic: Run your business like a Formula 1 car

Fine tune your SAP system

A Formula 1 car is one of the most technically sophisticated machines. Being first across the finish line requires more than perfect aerodynamics and good driving. Today, Formula 1 racing is also fueled by data.

Engine performance, tire health, brake wear… In a single race, a Formula 1 team can collect up to 3 TB of data, which must be processed and analysed in seconds to be able to make critical decisions in every turn, of every lap, of every race.

In the same way, the sophisticated SAP landscape within most successful companies is also a high pressure environment demanding special care and nurturing to ensure high performance. The winning formula is a lean data management approach, driving down waste, improving data quality and cycle times.

Lean Data Management

Learn about Lean Data Management.

This infographic is interactive, click on each customer logo to read the full case study.

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