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Nov 13, 2018

WUGinar: How to use Studio Direct to leverage SAP®

This WUGinar will walk you through how to leverage SAP, custom BAPIs, and remote-enabled function modules. Direct can: Make the consumption of SAP BAPIs and remote-enabled function modules easy for business users Make your SAP business processes more efficient, as BAPIs are faster than transactions Provide an alternative to trying to automate complex transactions, or complex parts of transactions Provide an alternative to recording transactions, which can change from release to release

Nov 12, 2018

Optimize your Accounts Receivable processes

While there’s never a good time to put a magnifying glass on your AR processes, you could be missing out on major efficiencies that help improve data accuracy and free up working capital. Join us to learn how to remove bottlenecks in the AR process caused by manual SAP processes.

Nov 2, 2018

How to start and build a successful SAP® data management program

Whether you’re building an SAP® data management program for the first time or looking for ways to increase your program’s impact on the business, join us on November 20th to learn valuable tips including how to: Get and keep funding for your program Establish a common language for all parties involved with improving data quality Engage the business at all stages of your program Empower the business to build solutions that implement business rules and streamline processes Bridge the data management gap experienced by many organisations  

Sep 28, 2018

Optimise and Automate Data Management for SAP (APAC)

Imagine the positive impact on your business if users: Spent less hours manually entering data into SAP. Didn’t waste time chasing stakeholders for request approvals or hunting for lost documents. Could make more informed decisions through better access to SAP Data. Join this webinar to find out how you can: Integrate Microsoft Excel and WebForms with SAP to eliminate manual data entry and improve data accuracy. Automate processes across SAP modules such as HCM, FI/CO, MM and SD. Make SAP business users more productive without adding to IT workload. Stay flexible and get the most out of SAP, without compromising… Read more

Dec 21, 2017

A Flexible Alternative to LSMW – UK

Winshuttle Studio is a business-friendly alternative designed for everyday use. Learn how to give business users the power to directly manage SAP data with Excel, reduce IT workload, while enabling IT to better manage data governance, improve data security – and help compliance with legislation such as GDPR. You’ll also see how you can significantly reduce the time needed to automate data processes through an easy three step process, compared to up to 14 steps in LSMW.

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