Mar 2, 2016 · Gaelan

Shadow IT, una sfida che si deve vincere

Come rispondere allo Shadow IT, ovvero il modo con cui l’IT riesce a dare valore al business Vi mostreremo come potrete: Integrare Microsoft Excel con SAP per eliminare l’inserimento manuale…


Feb 20, 2015 · Laura Michels


See how the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products shortened their material master item setup from 28 days to two weeks and realized productivity savings…


Aug 22, 2013 · Laura Michels


Allows companies to automate complex SAP-based processes across the organization, using forms and workflow technologies. Empower business users to streamline data collection and data validation processes across departments, while providing…


Jul 24, 2013 · Gaelan

10 Places to Reduce Data Management Costs

This white paper highlights 10 easy places SAP customers can reduce IT operational costs, with a focus on trimming support and data entry costs by automating data entry. It is…