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Mar 25, 2014

Integre Excel e SharePoint com SAP, sem nenhuma programação

Winshuttle software permite aos clientes integrar facilmente Microsoft SharePoint e Excel com SAP, sem programação e sem qualquer impacto em seu sistema SAP. Neste webinar você vai ver como não-programadores podem usar Winshuttle para: Habilitar o Microsoft Excel como um front-end seguro para carga e extração de dados do SAP Construir modelos personalizados do Excel para entrada de dados em massa e atualizações Usar o Microsoft SharePoint para adicionar fluxo de trabalho e automação de processos para soluções baseadas em Excel Simplificar os processos de sua empresa através da conexão do SharePoint e SAP, sem qualquer programação Aumentar a sua… Read more

Jul 24, 2013

Mitigating Risk with Mass Data Change

This whitepaper is not meant to be prescriptive or exhaustive, but should provide some ideas about deployment and sustainment of mass change and mass data creation scenarios in the SAP environment.

Jul 24, 2013

Customer Master Data: Common Challenges and Solutions

This white paper discusses the Customer Domain in terms of its overall identity, common challenges and data governance indicators. It outlines a set of solution parameters that can streamline customer master data governance and provide organizations with the readiness they need to quickly meet evolving regulatory and business requirements.

Jul 24, 2013

A Simple Guide to Material Master Data Governance

This paper discusses the Materials Domain in terms of its overall identity, common challenges and data governance indicators. It also highlights the most common conditions for data governance in the Materials Domain.

Jul 24, 2013

5 Ways Excel Accelerates Your Return on SAP HCM Business Processes

There are many ideas for improving business processes, but sometimes these come with additional costs. Conversely, there are many ways to reduce the operational costs associated with an SAP HCM implementation, but these may result in increasing the workload and burden on key resources. Winshuttle believes that with the right Excel-based tools, users can achieve the ideal balance – improved HR business processes and reduced operational costs, all while making their SAP HCM lives easier and more productive.

Jul 24, 2013


Learn how Maersk, a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, uses Winshuttle solutions at numerous global service centers to increase productivity, redeploy employees to higher value tasks, and significantly reduce errors and corrections.