Other SAP Uses

Your SAP challenges can be overcome

SAP is a useful, but extremely complex system. Winshuttle products help solve the many problems companies face with SAP usage and usability. For some organizations the major issue is either loading data or creating reports with real-time information from SAP. For others, the challenge is streamlining processes and allowing all the people who need to access SAP do so quickly, easily, and securely. No matter your challenge, Winshuttle has an SAP solution for you.

Winshuttle for shared services

Winshuttle gives Shared Service centers the power to simplify, standardize, and automate key business processes without programming.

SAP Modules

Winshuttle works across all SAP Modules and so we highlight common solutions that our customers are using in SAP Modules including FI/CO, MM, PP and several others.

Business processes

Winshuttle customers have used our products to streamline key steps within complex business processes such as Order to Cash, and Procure to Pay. In this section we highlight how Winshuttle helps in both these and several other vital processes.

Winshuttle SAP solutions

Make the most of your resources – Winshuttle technologies will allow you to streamline business processes and eliminate manual data entry, leaving more time to work on more important tasks. Here are a few more examples of where Winshuttle can help.

Our most popular SAP solutions

SAP and SharePoint

Winshuttle makes SAP-SharePoint integration simple without sacrificing security and control. The flexibility of SharePoint makes it easy for users to create dashboards that offer at-a-glance insight into relevant SAP data. Winshuttle makes integration as simple as dragging a custom web part into a SharePoint workspace.

SAP and Excel

Knowledge workers in the more than 86,000 companies using SAP spend the majority of their day using Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook, Word, and Excel. Allowing users to interact with SAP from familiar interfaces like Excel without compromising SAP security provides huge productivity benefits.

SAP Data Entry

Entering SAP master data or transactional data is a vital business function for all departments. Examples of SAP data entry include new-hire actions in HR, new purchase orders or contracts in procurement, new materials and new sales orders in supply chain, and new assets in finance.

SAP for Human Resources

Winshuttle software helps companies automate common SAP HR data entry processes that cover all aspects of the employee life cycle and the hire-to-retire business process, including recruiting training and transfers.

Data upload and import

SAP data upload, import, migration, or conversion is a core activity during new SAP implementations, upgrades, or consolidations after mergers and acquisitions. Winshuttle Transaction is invaluable in such situations and ensures the speed and accuracy of mass data imports into SAP.