Budget to Report

Sep 13, 2013

Project Management Lookup

Simplify display of SAP Work Breakdown structure Winshuttle Query simplifies the extract and analysis of Work Breakdown structure data A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a model of the work to be performed in a project organized in a hierarchical structure. WBS is an important tool which helps you keep an overview of the project because it forms the basis for organization and coordination in the project. Additionally, it shows the amount of work, the time required, and the costs involved in the project. Finally, it is the functional basis for further planning steps in a project, such as process... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

SAP Budgeting Workbench (FMBB)

Simplify SAP budget data maintenance Winshuttle technologies enable companies to more efficiently create and maintain budgets in SAP and avoid expensive investments in custom ABAP interfaces. Winshuttle Transaction works with Excel or Access data sources so users can quickly and systematically maintain SAP budgets from a familiar, easy-to-use interface. Transaction also supports an offline/online data-entry model that enables users to pre-stage data in Winshuttle Central, Excel, or Access before uploading it into SAP. Additionally, the integration of Transaction, Central, Server, and Forms enables companies deploy web-based solutions for users to enter budget data. Simplify SAP budget data maintenance with Transaction... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Project Management – CJ20N

Simplify the project management processes Winshuttle Transaction enables project managers to use Excel to enter project structures into SAP Project Systems (PS) instead of using SAP Project Builder (CJ20N). Because users have greater familiarity with Excel, they can build the project structures more efficiently and avoid cumbersome SAP processes that require more time and involve multiple screens and interfaces. Project managers can use Transaction throughout a project to manage project information in Excel and upload the updates directly into SAP. Because SAP PS integrates with several other SAP modules, the project management efficiencies facilitated by Transaction can help companies: Realize... Read more