Solutions by business need

Sep 13, 2013

Partner Enablement

As companies become increasingly specialized and rely on partner networks for various functions, they need to find efficient and secure ways to share SAP datawith business partners. Winshuttle technologies enable companies to cost-effectively provide their partners with secure and controlled access to SAP data. They can also help companies avoid expensive integration projects—such as those that involve EDI—that can burden IT departments and create security and compliance issues. Use familiar tools to allow business partners to maintain and share SAP data Whether a company has a dozen partners or thousands, Winshuttle technologies facilitate the easy creation of web portals that... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Employee Self Service

Winshuttle technologies enable companies to deliver HR capabilities like personnel administration, expense reporting, benefits management, and payment administration directly to all employees through a familiar, usable interface. By using a Winshuttle solution that enables employees to easily access SAP data through familiar SharePoint interface with capabilities like in line validation, multi-lingual support, and customizable help, HR departments can save on training, support, and operational costs while providing customized portals for different organizations and business units. Because Winshuttle technologies comply with SAP and organization-level processes and policies, sensitive HR data remains protected from unauthorized access. Deploy faster and start saving sooner... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Data collection surveys

Winshuttle technologies enable business users to build SAP surveys in a variety of familiar interfaces, including web pages. These surveys can be circulated internally or externally to collect data from employees, partners, or customers in a way that makes it easier to update corresponding SAP data and removes the need for manual data entry. These SAP surveys can also help check the effectiveness of the various controls to meet SOX regulatory requirements. Because business analysts and other non-technical SAP users can easily work with Winshuttle technologies in familiar interfaces, a much larger number of workers have tools at their disposal... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Change management

Today’s business climate requires companies to adjust to dynamic conditions and make organizational changes due to competition, expansion, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, and other factors. Winshuttle technologies help companies implement organizational changes more efficiently by helping users update SAP data quickly and systematically. Winshuttle Transaction and Query enable individual users to find and update SAP data significantly faster than it takes entire teams to do the same thing without these tools. Transaction and Query integrate with common productivity software, like Excel and Access, so users can work in a more usable interface as they make changes to SAP... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Data governance

Large companies that centralize their IT environments increasingly rely on ERP systems like SAP to manage mission-critical data, and their efforts to implement policies, procedures, and standards to ensure effective SAP data governance can be cumbersome. Winshuttle technologies can make SAP data governance more effective by providing many users with the tools to efficiently create, find, and update data. Easily create and distribute standardized and repeatable processes With Winshuttle Query and Transaction, users can easily create and use templates in familiar programs like Excel and Access to manage all types of SAP data. Because business users thoroughly understand the business... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Business Process Improvement

Winshuttle technologies enable users to work in familiar interfaces, such as Excel, to more efficiently complete complex SAP business processes that can span many functional areas within a company. Instead of navigating through multiple screens, business users often stage the data for SAP transactions in Excel because it provides a complete view of the data. With Winshuttle Query, users can download SAP data directly into Excel. Winshuttle Transaction enables them to upload data directly from Excel to SAP with a single click. These capabilities can significantly improve the efficiency of many common SAP business processes, including: Order-to-cash Procure-to-pay Make-to-order Budget-to-report... Read more