Make to Order

Sep 17, 2013

Material Movements Reports

Improve insight into SAP Materials Movement data Materials movement report Winshuttle Query enables users to gather and review real-time SAP Materials Movement data efficiently and securely. This improved insight can help alleviate costly supply chain problems, such as lost materials, incorrect arrival times, incorrect quantities, and inaccurate prices. With Winshuttle Transaction, users can update and change data as needed to keep processes running smoothly. Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to manage SAP Materials Movement data Avoid over-stocking Maintain sufficient inventories Accurately forecast supply, demand, and costs Improve customer experience Create customized reports based on plant, legal entity, type of movement,... Read more

Sep 17, 2013

Goods Withdrawal – MB1A

Work more effectively with SAP Winshuttle Query eliminates the need for IT involvement and time-consuming data formatting by enabling users to create SAP Goods Movement Reports with Excel templates that do not require programming. Through this method, users can design their own reports and with drag and drop actions setup readable templates in Excel to access Live SAP data. Additionally, companies can download SAP data to Access, SQL, XML or Text. Maintaining and tracking current stock inventories is a very complex process. Organizations need to have flexible and agile reporting methods to ensure effective processing of their logistic requirements. Processes... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Make to Order Production

Accuracy and timeliness of data is never more crucial than with Make to Order Production Unlike mass production, make to order (MTO) companies must custom tailor each item and craft it to exact customer specifications. In MTO, an order triggers the product creation event, so it is imperative to streamline the processes involved in sourcing the materials to manufacture, route, configure and deliver the product to a customer. These same challenges are usually experienced in BTO (build to order), ATO (assemble to order) and ETO (engineer to order) as well. The ultimate goal is to accelerate time-to-market and decrease wasted... Read more