Material Management (MM)

Sep 13, 2013

Maintenance Request – IW31

Plan maintenance based on timely and accurate data Using a SharePoint InfoPath Form to update a routine SAP Maintenance Request IW31 Workers often lack access to SAP during site visits, they collect data with paper forms and then re-enter the data into SAP hours or days later, or they give it to administrators to enter (using SAP transaction IW31). With electronic forms, companies can remove the need for workers to manually re-enter data, which helps save time, reduces the risk of inaccurate data, and can optimize maintenance planning. Winshuttle technologies enable companies to convert paper-based forms into electronic forms, which... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Material Data Master Lookup

Create useful and accurate reports more efficiently Accurately report on and manage SAP Material Master data Winshuttle Query and Transaction help companies more accurately report on and manage their SAP Material Master data. Query enables users to create timely ad-hoc reports in a simple three-step process: select the data they wish to report, map the data to fields in an Excel spreadsheet, and then run the query to extract the data. With Transaction, they can update the data as needed and upload it into SAP directly from Excel, saving time and avoiding error-prone and redundant data-entry tasks. Improve business decisions... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

PM Notification Lookup

Access SAP PM notification data more efficiently Optimize plant performance Extract timely SAP Plant Maintenance notification data quickly and easilyWinshuttle Query enables users to extract timely SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) notification data quickly and easily. With Query, users can view SAP PM notification data in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet or a web-based form. This improved access to timely SAP data helps companies keep plant output and performance at maximum levels. In addition, Winshuttle Central and Transaction enable users to use web-based forms or Excel spreadsheets to create a complete workflow around PM notification. An example workflow might be: Download notification... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Material Master Change – MM02

Implement mass changes to SAP material master data more efficiently Streamlined materials basic data update (MM02) form Winshuttle products empower business data owners to make mass changes without involvement from IT, which helps companies save significant time and money in the process. Business agility relies on the ability to easily make changes to master data. These mass changes often require manual steps that apply to one record at a time, which adds time to the process and increases the cost. Data owners sometimes use SAP tools such as MASS (MM17), but these tools do not always completely solve the problems.... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Create and Extend Material Master – MM01

Consistently create and extend any number of materials in SAP Improve the SAP material master data creation process Material master, a critical piece of master data, is often created by multiple people in an organization in an ad-hoc manner. The manual process involves more than 25 different screens, consumes a significant amount of time, often suffers from poor coordination, and can introduce significant errors in data that can lead to failed orders or shipments. Watch our Material Creation demo Winshuttle products can help smooth the material master creation process by enabling users to: Create customized Excel templates for mass creation... Read more