Sep 13, 2013

GL Account Posting – FB50

Streamline financial data entry Using Excel and Transaction to automate FB50 Winshuttle helps accounting personnel more efficiently prepare and validate their journal voucher documents in Excel and enables them to park or post the data into SAP with the press of a button. Without Winshuttle, this process is time-consuming and resource-intensive and can be twice as expensive if workers need to reenter data from Excel into SAP—even when using shared service centers or outsourced BPO services. Data reentry wastes resources and can cause significant delays at period-end closing. Whether the journals consist of a few line items or complex entries... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Customer Master Data – XD01/XD02

Optimize SAP customer master data maintenance across departments Automate process to create and change SAP customer master data Winshuttle enables business analysts to automate processes to create and change SAP customer master data. The automation provides improved insight and access to the creation and maintenance processes to stakeholders in key departments—such as finance, sales, marketing, and logistics. Users can extract and update customer information with Excel, and Winshuttle technologies integrate with SharePoint workflows to help streamline interdepartmental processes. Improve data accuracy and reduce costs Winshuttle’s solutions help companies better coordinate SAP customer master data maintenance processes and avoid repetitive, manual... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Accounting Document Lookup

Track accounting documents and postings regardless of the document type, company code, or fiscal year Generate reports based on real-time SAP data Query populating an account lookup to Excel Financial accounting reports are crucial for a company to track financial performance and ensure regulatory compliance. This not only affects internal operational and strategic decision making, but also external creditors.Inaccurate or incomplete reports can negatively impact the organization in several areas: Budgeting and financial planning Year to year projections Increased Operational costs Bad Decision making Delayed Month-End and Year-End close Although the SAP ERP system contains a wealth of financial data... Read more

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