Plant Maintenance (PM)

Sep 13, 2013

Change Equipment – IE02

Maintain SAP equipment records more efficiently SAP transaction IE02 – Change Equipment With Winshuttle technologies, business users can use non-SAP data contained in Excel or Access to update and maintain SAP equipment records. Winshuttle Transaction works with Excel and Access data sources to promote rapid and systematic maintenance of SAP equipment records. Improve SAP Equipment Record Timeliness and Accuracy Maintaining timely and accurate equipment records helps drive data consistency in the SAP system, whether the data is loaded from Excel, Access, or another external system. Failure to consistently maintain SAP equipment records can lead to incomplete maintenance schedules, incorrect asset... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Create Material Serial Numbers – IQ01

Serialize equipment and materials in SAP more efficiently Tracking materials and equipment at granular level requires serialization, which may involve hundreds of thousands or millions of SAP entries. Winshuttle Transaction enables users to rapidly and systematically create serial numbers and assign them to equipment and materials for item-level tracking. Companies that need to track materials and equipment—especially those in the utility, food, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors— can use Transaction to rely on non-SAP data sources, such as Excel or Access, to furnish their SAP systems with granular tracking data. You can use Winshuttle Transaction as an alternative to the actual... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Service Notification Lookup

Increase insight into SAP service notification data Winshuttle Query enables users to easily create ad-hoc SAP service notification reports based on criteria driven by business needs and deliver them in a familiar, consumable format, such as Excel, Access, text, XML, or SQL Server. This timely and accurate service notification data can help companies audit historical service notifications and act on open notifications. With access to live notification data, business users can act to reduce downtime costs and provide better customer support (quicker responses, etc). If the data requires any modifications, users can use Winshuttle Transaction to make the changes in... Read more