Sales Distribution (SD)

Sep 13, 2013

Create Condition Records – VK11

Automatically create thousands of tax records or pricing conditions in minutes Winshuttle Transaction enables users to create thousands of new records in an SAP system for pricing conditions and tax records rapidly and consistently. Depending on business needs, fixed criteria or dynamic data can serve as the basis for these records. Streamline processes and update records according to business needs Tax and pricing conditions change constantly, which leads to cumbersome maintenance work for companies that use the VK11 transaction. Transaction works with the VK11 transaction to enable sales channel coordinators and pricing specialists to create thousands of records in just... Read more

Sep 13, 2013

Deliveries Report

Lookup SAP delivery data in minutes Improve customer service and supply chain processes Winshuttle Query enables front line employees, such as tele-sales and customer-care representatives, to quickly lookup SAP order and delivery status. Similarly, supply chain business analysts can use Query to view real-time SAP data, analyze that information, and adjust processes to improve delivery performance and timeliness. Query complies with SAP and organizational-level security policies, so only authorized users can extract data into Excel, Access, or web forms. If needed, users can update data in Excel with Winshuttle Transaction or Runner and upload the data directly into SAP. Benefits... Read more