Featured employees

Aman Alung

Training customers by day, and cheering on UK futball at night.

Casey Kolowinski

Supporting customers, and dreaming of the next Disney binge day.

Tarini Goyal

Developing revolutionary software, and exploring astrology.

Mayank Sharma

Ensuring quality Winshuttle products, and exploring the Himalayas.

James Lofgren

Helping customers streamline business processes by day, reading about economics & politics at night.

Josh Whitener

Supporting our customers, and dabbling in amateur photography.

Richard Milligan

Sharepoint Wiz and Railroad enthusiast.

Mahima Singla

Coder by day, table tennis champion by night.

Matt Leisse

Database Administrator by day, reigning foosball champion by night.

Amit Bansal

Developing our Transaction, DIRECT and Studio applications, and running around with his kids.

Nichole Cunningham

Marketo guru by day, tackling home improvement projects at night.

Jagat Kaushal

Implementing new SAP technologies, and traveling the world.

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