Customers Benefit From New Functionality of Winshuttle’s querySHUTTLE

More than 75 product enhancements make SAP data extraction even easier.

Bothell, WAJuly 14, 2009 – Winshuttle, the leading provider of data entry and data download tools for SAP® users, today announced the availability of querySHUTTLE 6.1. Expressly designed to allow business users to securely and easily extract SAP transactional data into familiar Microsoft Excel and Access formats for immediate analysis, querySHUTTLE 6.1 expands accessibility and ease-of-use.

“querySHUTTLE is a very valuable tool because it allows users to easily create ad hoc queries and reports of real-time transactional SAP data without sacrificing any of the security,” said Andy Hart, assistant controller at Rowan Companies, Inc. “We are delighted that Winshuttle continues to invest in the querySHUTTLE product and improve its usability, and we look forward to these new enhancements.”

More than 75 enhancements provide querySHUTTLE users with new functionality, including the following:

  • Support for SAP versions 4.7 and 4.6c
  • CRM compatibility
  • Enterprise Portal login and Single Sign On (SSO) login
  • Support for MS SQL Server (DEMO)
  • Secure Single Table extraction without the use of the Winshuttle Function Module (WFM) (DEMO)
  • Regional settings support across the application for date/time/numbers format (DEMO)
  • Excel as list of values (DEMO)
  • Offline scheduling for queries into MS SQL Server (DEMO)

“Over the past 6 months, we have received great feedback from the initial querySHUTTLE customers and have been able to incorporate their input into our new release,” said Vikram Chalana, Winshuttle’s chief technology officer. “We will continue to be aggressive in adding new features and functionality to make it easy for our customers to extract and analyze transactional SAP data.”

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