Enterworks Continues Triple-Digit Software Growth Rate in Q1 2018 for Master Data & Product Information Management Solutions

Sterling, VA – April 26, 2018 — EnterWorks, a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM), announced today that first quarter growth in software revenues and new customers acquisitions continues to increase. EnterWorks’ triple-digit growth in Q1 2018 mirrors and continues triple-digit growth from 2017. The company is seeing success specifically in the following areas: uptake of its B2B2C solution approach; MDM and PIM wins; and both market presence and thought leadership growth.

Highlights for Q1 2018:

  • Diverse software and services growth in food, consumer product goods, building materials and industrial equipment, home and office, and medical/health
  • Standing room only for 300 people at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York City for Storeytelling panel featuring EnterWorks CEO Rick Chavie
  • Launch of Precision EatingTM at the Food Marketing Institute’s Mid-Winter Event as consumer dietary preferences match with B2B2C (farm to fork) food content: formulations, nutrients, “free from,” recipes, etc.
  • Hosted Annual Advisory Board Meeting of the Retail Analytics Council, led by Professor Martin Block of Northwestern University’s Integrated Marketing Communications Center
  • Strong presence at Gartner’s Annual Data & Analytics Summit, with presentation by customer Mary Kay on how EnterWorks’ Enable MDM enables global ecommerce and beauty consultants
  • Meeting of EnterWorks Customer Advisory Board as the EnterWorks team engaged in feedback from its customers and shared investment and road map plans
  • Accelerated scale of implementations with an expanding network of trained System Integrator (SI) partners, complementary ecommerce software vendors, and data pool providers

“I am so proud of our EnterWorks team for continuing to double down on growth,” said Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks. “We are reinforcing our growth track with increased R&D investments, from incorporating new technologies to advancing functionality in the core product. Going forward, we will continue our commitment to advancing MDM and PIM contribution to a company’s top line profitability through B2B2C collaboration on content while unveiling new, agile and efficient cloud capabilities.”

The EnterWorks multi-domain (product domain plus others, such as customer, brand, location and digital asset) approach enables a single view of content for businesses, trading partners, and customers across channels. EnterWorks’ unique B2B2C collaboration platform extends Master Data and Product Information Management with workflow, supplier and sales portal for omnichannel commerce.

The EnterWorks Enable solution addresses the challenging business requirements for retail, manufacturing and distribution companies looking to offer:

  • B2B2C collaboration from product creation to sourcing to showroom for private brands and custom products;
  • Dynamic and time-phased grouping of products into collections, catalogs, and campaigns;
  • Content in context of the customer by supporting mobile, web, and print by geo with localization functionality; and
  • Search capabilities for the business user to make finding and managing products efficient and easy (using full text, faceted search, or filters) and enhanced search capabilities that can be extended to the customer.

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