Enterworks Unveils Agile Data Fabric, Which Delivers ‘Discrete Views Of Everything’ In Master Data For Accelerating B2B2C Business Model Innovation

The EnableTM 9 Release showcases advances in scalability, flexibility, and lower TCO of EnterWorks’ award winning data management architecture while enabling revenue and margin lift for customers

Sterling, VA – June 5, 2018 – EnterWorks, a leading provider of multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, announced today a major advance in the data management field with the release of the Enable Agile Data Fabric™ (ADF). This advance follows last month’s announcement at Gartner’s Data and Analytics Summit 2018 of the EnterWorks Enable 20/20 Vision, which describes the foundational role of its multi-domain MDM in driving business results across industries, geographies, and company types.

“Enable ADF weaves together structured and unstructured data, internal and external applications, and virtual and physical data stores for digital empowerment of businesses of all types,” said John Jones, Vice President of Product for EnterWorks. “Our graph-like data structure simplifies inherent complexities in relationships across multiple data domains. By granting secure access to our microservices layer arising from our N-Tier architecture, we simplify and accelerate our delivery of new data and cloud services. We also can work with our technology partners and empower our customers to extend the platform in new and innovative ways. The Enable ADF architecture weaves innovative services into our master data platform for consistent, high quality data exchange across channels, touchpoints, and trading networks. The Enable 9 release also contains an enhanced Web application and user interface that is built on the new ADF framework and will drive business user empowerment and adoption to a whole new level.”

This advance in the Enable MDM platform further differentiates EnterWorks in its ability to support the widest diversity of business models, from: SMB to the largest enterprises; localized divisions and brands to multi-national conglomerates; and standalone entities to business networks and member organizations. This differentiation arises from the investments in architecture that result in great agility and ease in updating data models and processes that adapt to changing business models, especially those arising from the impact of the digital wave affecting businesses today. Among the elements inherent in the platform are factors favoring: virtualization over fixed data stores; configuration over custom coding; and business user empowerment over developer dependencies.

“Simply stated, architecture is key to innovation, particularly in B2B2C business models with complex commerce interactions,” asserted Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks. “A data architecture that is agile across multiple data domains can multiply profits by mastering data complexity – whether a CPG brand wants to add direct-to-consumer ecommerce to its traditional B2B business or whether a retailer wants to orchestrate its own private label goods development. In technology platforms, “future proofing” investments mean that core data management hubs such as ours that can provide the data to harness the advances in other technologies, such as AR and VR, AI and machine learning, CMS and ecommerce, and have the ability to swap them out when newer, better tech emerges. Such agility enables companies to focus on business model innovation by knowing that their tech platforms can always keep pace.”

The Enable multi-domain MDM solution architecture that enables businesses to master the complexity of digitally accelerated environments while enabling rapid adaptation and integration of emerging technologies that are required to compete, include:

  • Master Data Core: Best in Class technology, features, and vision for mastering, managing, and governing multi-domain master data across the enterprise.
  • Technology ROI: Combine multiple domains of master, application, and reference data in a combinatorial manner to enable organizations to create differentiated, personalized experiences and greater lift in across digital and physical commerce.
  • Multi-Domain MDM: Advanced features for mastering and managing the golden record for any data domain including buy side and sell side product, supplier, B2B and B2B customer, location, and physical or digital assets.
  • Innovative: Continued leadership in advanced MDM solutions and technologies that include a 100% cloud ready platform; an agile SOA / micro-services architecture; support for VR, AR and 3D objects that enhance core master data capabilities; and advanced analytics and decision making across a company’s value chain.
  • End-User Empowerment: The platform can be configured, managed, and continuously updated by business users. This accelerates business user adoption, whether at headquarters or across the global operations, and achieves the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) among multi-domain MDM platforms.
  • Fastest Time to Value: The ability to implement the Enable Multi-Domain in MDM in 90-days accelerates business value and return on investment (ROI).
  • B2B2C Enablement: Delivers necessary capabilities for end-to-end collaboration across the value chain, whether a company is a producer, value-added provider, or end seller.

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