Introducing Winshuttle for Salesforce®

Winshuttle releases new platform add-on for improved Salesforce data management.

Bothell, WA – June 17, 2015 – Winshuttle is pleased to announce the release of Winshuttle for Salesforce®, a platform add-on for Winshuttle Studio that enables users to quickly and easily integrate Microsoft Excel with Salesforce to extract and upload data. Because no custom programming or software development is required, small and large scale Salesforce customers can shift data management tasks from the Salesforce administrators to business users who own the business data, alleviating the pressure for integration tools on IT and the administrators.

Winshuttle for Salesforce automates complex business processes, improving operational efficiency and data quality, and saves time and resources. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Excel for desktop integration of small and large datasets with Salesforce on the cloud, users can extract, update and create Salesforce records based on a wide variety of Salesforce integration scenarios, including discrete and interrelated master and transactional data. sf logo

“Winshuttle for Salesforce is the perfect solution for users looking to accelerate and improve Salesforce data management,” said Clinton Jones, Director of Solution Management for Finance at Winshuttle. “Business users now have the ability to build reliable and consistent integration scenarios without any technical skills or programming.”

Winshuttle for Salesforce offers lean data management from within Excel to build and distribute self-service data management templates for data extraction and maintenance tasks by end-users. Features include:

  • Improved business processes for both implementation and operational sustainment of Salesforce data migration, entry, maintenance and quality
  • Fully functioning data management scripts for new users that are operational in minutes, instead of days or weeks with custom development
  • Users can manipulate activities in real time within templates used to update Salesforce data, without repeating several cycles of data correction and resubmission
  • Authors can create templates for change scenarios for all standard Salesforce business objects including customers, cases, contacts, events, leads, opportunities, products, and tasks as well as custom objects and those contained in data models

Attend the upcoming webinar Three Steps to Salesforce Data Quality Improvement June 18th to learn more about Winshuttle for Salesforce.

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