New Functionality of Winshuttles transactionSHUTTLE Makes SAP® Lives Easier

New Excel add-in makes getting your spreadsheet data into SAP a breeze.

Bothell, WANovember 19, 2009 – Winshuttle, the leading provider of data entry and data download tools for SAP® users, today announced the availability of transactionSHUTTLE 8.4. Expressly designed to allow business users to securely and easily extract shuttle data to SAP, transactionSHUTTLE 8.4 sets a new bar for ease-of-use and accessibility.

More than 50 enhancements provide transactionSHUTTLE users with new functionality, including the following:

  • New Excel Add-in: The Excel add-in has been redesigned and comes under a separate Ribbon menu tab (2007)/ Menu (2003) and ‘Winshuttle’. An intelligent user interface and enhanced code management translates into increased performance. (DEMO)
  • Select SAP Values (F4): SAP users can now use the F4 key in Excel to select values directly from SAP and then use F4 to input the field for the Excel column. This column is then mapped, resulting in an effortless creation of SAP data entry files.
  • Validation: An additional ‘Validate’ button in the run options is now available, allowing SAP users to check the data in the Excel sheet before performing the actual ‘Run’. The validation messages would be written in the log column and users can easily make changes to the records with errors. (DEMO)
  • Skip Screen if Not Found: This setting allows SAP users to selectively skip a screen and its underlying fields. During the transactionSHUTTLE run, if the screen is encountered, the data will be uploaded to the fields in the screen. If not found, the whole screen and its fields will be skipped. (DEMO)
  • Windows Dialog Box Recording: With transactionSHUTTLE 8.4, users are now able to upload and download attachments using a Windows dialog box. This is useful in a number of cases such as paperless journal entry where the user can upload the source sheet along with the transaction.

“Over the past few months, we have received great feedback from both customers and partners and we are excited to be able to incorporate their input into our new release,”said Vikram Chalana, Winshuttle’s chief technology officer. “We will continue to be aggressive in adding new features and functionality to make it easy for our customers to shuttle SAP data.”

For customers interested in transactionSHUTTLE 8.4 immediately, please contact Winshuttle Support at, otherwise the new functionality will be available through the auto-update on Monday, November 23. Further information about transactionSHUTTLE can be found at

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