Too big to fail? Why established enterprises need to become digitally agile

Digitalisation World

By Andrew Hayden, Automation Expert at Winshuttle

Established enterprises face the imminent threat of shortened life expectancy, with business consultants Innosight claiming three quarters of companies currently quoted on the Standard and Poor (S&P) stock market index will have disappeared by 2027. While concerns of market instability have been rife over the past few decades, the impact of the Covid-19 has put tremendous strain on household brands to improve operations and become more responsive to survive. Put simply, it’s no longer enough to rely on the ‘too big to fail’ principle. Yet, many large organisations still rely on slow, manual processes to manage their data, hindering their ability to adapt their business models, and become more agile. In an era where effective data management and process automation is at the core of digital transformation, maintaining the old ways is extremely risky.

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