Winshuttle Announces Focus on ERP Master Data Solutions

Winshuttle for Master Data provides the quickest path to better SAP master data.

Bothell, WA September 17, 2012 – Winshuttle is pleased to announce a focused initiative leveraging the company’s flagship solutions for better SAP master data. Winshuttle for Master Data provides superior validation, flexible governance and mass maintenance capabilities for all types of SAP master data.

Winshuttle reduces errors and omissions in master data by enabling business users to request, review, change, approve and post SAP master data in an Excel spreadsheet, Web form or SharePoint InfoPath user interface.

Master data inconsistencies can disrupt business operations and cost millions of dollars in losses. Winshuttle workflow solutions address many of the most common master data governance headaches, including challenges with data consistency, accountability and control.

With Winshuttle for Master Data, users can:

  • Validate master data requests at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP
  • Create role-based and traceable governance processes that route change requests to different stakeholders for input, review and approval
  • Perform mass maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming

“Winshuttle for Master Data enables Johnson & Johnson to quickly create and deploy better SAP master data business processes for mass loading of data,” said Claude Viman, Manager, North America Enterprise MDM GCC at Johnson & Johnson. “When it comes to mass loads, what was a time-consuming and error-prone process that could impact our planning and production is now a user-friendly process that is very quick to implement, use and adapt to our business requirements. I’m glad to see Winshuttle focusing its solutions on this critical area of master data integrity.”

Winshuttle is providing a range of educational updates, industry conference events and training workshops focused on improving master data processes. These include an upcoming webinar set for September 19th, at 8AM Pacific Daylight Time, co-hosted by Datum LLC (register at the following web page ), lead sponsorship of the ASUG Data Governance Special Interest Group meeting in Houston on October 8–9, 2012, and training workshops along with a moderated Master Data Best Practices track at the Winshuttle User Group conference in Atlanta, GA, on October 16–17, 2012.

“Winshuttle for Master Data provides an agile way to realizing better SAP master data efficiency by letting business teams immediately chip away at the difficult-to-define improvements in their master data processes,” said Will Crump, President and CEO of Datum, LLC. “We see organizations solving their most pressing data problems with Winshuttle and then progressively moving their organization towards master data integrity and better business execution.”

Additional information can be found at Master Data.

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