Winshuttle Studio v11 Customers Realize Unprecedented Productivity Gains

Users move data in and out of SAP faster than ever, freeing up time for value added tasks.

Bothell, WA – December 22, 2016 – Winshuttle is pleased to announce the latest release of its flagship product Studio has proven very successful for customers.

“Studio v11 has allowed us to automate many of our processes, and cut down the time it takes us to enter data into our system; this allows us time to audit the data we are putting into our system for more accurate information,” said Jorgena Olsen of PACCAR. “Winshuttle has blown my mind with the things it can do, and the amount of time it takes to load data in the system is amazing.”

Winshuttle Studio v11 is a desktop–based product that allows users to upload/download data to and from SAP faster than ever, utilizing Microsoft Excel and other interfaces.

Since its release, Studio v11 customers have automated over 170 different SAP transactions like MM01, F-28 and FV50.

“The new UI is a big step up from previous versions with the Excel interface which makes it much easier to record, map and run scripts,” said Carllel Colquhoun of Grace Kennedy Limited. “I like the new transformation feature and use it a lot in new developments.”

“We’re very excited customers have hit the ground running with Studio v11,” said Clinton Jones, Winshuttle’s Director of Product Management. “Users have uploaded over twenty million records since its release, saving significant time and resources that can be reallocated for higher value tasks.”

Studio v11 is certified by SAP for integration with both SAP ERP on HANA and S/4HANA. Learn more about Studio v11’s new updates and capabilities by watching a product demo.

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