Winshuttle’s Studio v11 Offers a Transformative SAP Experience

Winshuttle releases Studio v11, promising quicker upload and download to SAP and a significantly enhanced user experience.


Las Vegas, NV – February 18, 2016 –Winshuttle is excited to release the latest version of its flagship product Studio at the global Winshuttle User Group (WUG) Conference in Las Vegas February 17-19th, 2016.

Winshuttle Studio is a Windows desktop based product designed for use with Microsoft Office that automates data collection, validation and movement to SAP.

Studio v11 features a simplified interface that mirrors the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office, so users can expect faster adoption, and less required training.  Studio v11 now offers basic and advanced functionality exposed all in one place – right at the user’s fingertips. All of the Studio modules of Transaction, Query, and Direct have been brought together in one UI to enhance user experience. Winshuttle has also researched how customers use their products and eliminated steps in Studio v11 to accelerate process completion.

The product’s upload and download speed to SAP has been significantly improved, allowing customers to handle higher volumes of data with more complexity, and get their work done faster. Studio v11 is also built on an optimized architecture that enables an accelerated pace of innovation.

Users can expect improved real-time data validation, which verifies data before it goes into SAP. The mapper function now has the ability to transform data without the need to complete transformations in Excel before uploading data into SAP.

“Studio v11 will allow our customers to revolutionize their SAP experience,” said Clinton Jones, Winshuttle’s Director of Product Management. “Our data validation capabilities alone offer a unique benefit to users, because no other tool in the market offers real time validation of data before it moves into SAP.”

“One of the best improvements is the exceptional user experience, enabling you to perform mapping, looping, conditions, and other steps seamlessly,” said Brian Atkinson, Platinum Consultant of Configurable Management, a Winshuttle Partner. “And the live interaction with the Excel data set is priceless. This is all beautifully put together.”

Studio v11 has been certified by SAP for integration with their SAP ERP product, as well as for SAP ERP on HANA.

Studio v11 is the first in Winshuttle’s product transformations. Find out what’s coming next in the new Version 11 suite by watching Winshuttle’s Version 11 video.

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