Winshuttle® Unveils Winshuttle STUDIO™ Application Suite for Use with SAP® Applications

Robust software bundle allows interaction with SAP solutions through familiar business applications.

Orlando, FL – May 17, 2010 – Winshuttle LLC.® today unveiled the WinshuttleSTUDIO™ suite of applications at the SAPPHIRE® NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, being held here through May 19. Winshuttle STUDIO enables non-technical users to work with SAP® applications directly from Microsoft Excel®, PDFs® and HTML forms. By allowing end users to interact with any SAP application from familiar interfaces, and automating complex business processes without programming, Winshuttle saves customers significant time and money.

The Winshuttle STUDIO suite is an integrated package of four applications – WinshuttleTRANSACTION™, Winshuttle QUERY™, Winshuttle FORMS™ and WinshuttleDIRECT™ – that assist business and IT users to create solutions for business processes based on SAP solutions. STUDIO allows companies or departments to quickly implement forms (Excel, PDF, Web, InfoPath®) to allow users to enter and change data in SAP applications. It also provides for batched processes in SAP solutions such as mass record create or change. With STUDIO, users can move beyond SAP transaction-based recording and now implement scripts that use the BAPI® programming interface from SAP.

“Simplifying and optimizing the user experience for customers using enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions is an important goal for many organizations,” said Thomas Otter, research director at Gartner. “Solutions that directly leverage spreadsheets, PDF and HTML forms help simplify usage, improve data quality, and increase agility. Organizations should look for a vendor with deep experience of both the ERP back-end and the front-end user tools when evaluating add-on tools. There are strong solutions that ease data conversion and mass updates and can also simplify transactions such as sales-order entry or employee compensation management. Users can be more engaged and enabled when they work with the tools in which they feel most comfortable; and for many users, this is the spreadsheet.”

A new addition to Winshuttle’s product lineup and a component of STUDIO, Winshuttle FORMS allows business users to create PDF and HTML forms to be used as a front-end for SAP processes. FORMS leverages secure Web services created by business users from within Winshuttle STUDIO. Unlike other solutions, FORMS allows non-technical users to securely create forms-driven processes on top of their existing implementations of SAP solutions.

Also included in STUDIO, Winshuttle DIRECT is a new application that enables users to leverage BAPIs from SAP, providing a comprehensive approach to uploading and downloading information from SAP solutions.

“We are focused on making it as easy as possible for users to improve their SAP solution-based business processes,” said Vikram Chalana, Winshuttle’s cofounder and CTO. “The new Winshuttle STUDIO suite enables our customers to leverage their combined investments in Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe and SAP solutions, creating intuitive access to business processes.”

To learn more about Winshuttle STUDIO, please visit Winshuttle May 17-19 at SAPPHIRE NOW, booth 2515 in Orlando, booth 850 in Frankfurt, or

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