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Accelerate time to value for SAP process improvement.

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Rapidly develop and deploy forms and workflow

Empower non-developers to build SAP solutions

Use single authoring environment for solution creation

Streamline your SAP workflow processes

Winshuttle Composer simplifies workflow solution creation by providing a single authoring environment that can automate key SAP-centric processes including master data governance, finance operations, supply chain management, sales & distribution, and human capital management.

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Integrated Authoring Environment

Integrated Authoring Environment

Why use it?

Composer helps you accelerate your time to value for SAP process improvement by providing the latest in SAP workflow process acceleration and innovation.

  • Responsive Display: Any form built with Composer can be rendered on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops, without requiring modification.
  • Cross-Browser Support: Composer forms can be authored and rendered in all modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
  • Single Authoring Environment: Authors use a single, integrated design environment to create the entire solution, including UI, workflow, validation rules, and data connectivity.

Winshuttle Composer combines SAP integration with rapid development and deployment for forms and workflow that gives non-developers the power to build solutions for accelerating and optimizing your business. Composer’s integrated design environment and one-click deployment model mean shorter development times, fewer testing cycles, and quicker time to value.

What can it do?

Winshuttle Composer is a browser-based product that allows you to build SharePoint forms and workflow solutions that are tightly coupled with SAP, enabling accelerated ERP business process innovation.

Usability and time to value are the key benefits of Composer with features such as:

  • Easy-to-use workflow modeling and tightly integrated forms designer
  • Smart integration to ERP and other backend systems
  • HTML5 forms with responsive design and cross-browser compatibility to support mobile, tablet and desktop environments.
  • Solution lifecycle management for enterprise wide deployment support

Form Layout for Multi-Device Support

Form Layout for Multi-Device Support

Composer swim lanes

Composer swim lanes

How does it work?

Composer is a server-based application accessible through a web browser. It provides a flexible authoring environment for building applications that connect structured transactional data stored within ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems with the unstructured information and processes that underlie all business processes. This direct interaction enables companies to reduce operational costs and increase business process agility via automation and increased data accuracy. Winshuttle User Governance is required to store and govern the forms that users create with Composer. Winshuttle Server™ is also needed to enable the use of web services to publish and execute Composer authored applications.


How do I get Winshuttle Composer?
Composer comes bundled with Winshuttle Enterprise Studio. The Winshuttle Enterprise Studio suite is an integrated package of five distinct applications—Transaction, Query, Direct, and Composer—that help business users and IT create solutions for SAP-centric business processes.
With the Enterprise Studio suite, you can quickly design and implement forms-based business processes (based on Excel and SharePoint).
If I buy Enterprise Studio, do I need to buy anything else in order to take advantage of Composer?
No. You don’t need anything else to author workflow solutions, but you will need runtime components in order to deploy workflow solutions.
If I already have Enterprise Studio, do I need to buy anything else in order to take advantage of Composer?
No. All you do is download Composer from the website download links section.
What is the cost for a Composer license? Are there annual maintenance fees?
Composer will be part of Enterprise Studio. There are no additional charges.

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