Digital Asset Management

Automatically generate versions of content across multiple applications for cross-channel consistency, for print and online.

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Localize digital assets for markets, brands or languages.

Reduce the costs and complexity of redundant digital asset storage.

Drive compliance and correct usage of digital assets.

Track and report on content usage.

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Workflow and Collaboration

Customers demand a rich shopping experience and are more likely to make a purchase when they can view images, videos, and manuals – online, in the store, and on mobile devices. In order to provide this visual consumer experience, organizations must have a way to centralize and manage unstructured digital content, just like other data domains.

The EnterWorks Enable™ MDM and PIM platform with integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) makes this easier than ever. Enable provides organizations with a master data management solution with full-featured DAM capabilities to drive and deliver digital asset management objectives.

All-in-One Digital Asset Management Solution

The Enable MDM and Digital Asset Management solution allows companies to manage any unstructured content (images, videos, audio, documents and more) using built-in DAM technology.

Enable streamlines storing, categorizing and managing images, documents, templates, audio and video files, and other product-related data. Teams can import metadata from images, configure custom fields for cross-selling and up-selling, and automatically generate multiple image formats and resolution for print and online use.

As a single source for enterprise-wide digital assets and data, Enable allows organizations to link product, item, brand, asset, and other criteria. These data relationships are bi-directional, meaning users can quickly determine which products are associated with a specific document or file to make agile business decisions.

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