Winshuttle Foundation

Accelerate business processes, improve data quality, and meet your compliance goals with Winshuttle Foundation. With its unique mix of automation and data management capabilities, there’s no need to compromise your goals—even for the most complex SAP processes.

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Get SAP business process automation and data management in one platform.

Build sophisticated workflow solutions without SAP programming skills .

Make more of an impact in less time and with less budget than IT-centric tools.

Take on any SAP process

With Winshuttle Foundation, you can digitize any SAP process from a simple capital expense request to complex product launch involving multiple teams and SAP data objects. Designed for people without ABAP or other SAP programming skills, Foundation empowers people like SAP analysts to build solutions that reduce cycle times by 50% or more.

Drive better results with unique capabilities

Explore a few of our unique capabilities that enable you to build effective solutions, faster.

Get work done faster with patented SmartTables

Create or update multiple related records in a single form with unique SmartTable technology.

Make choosing the right data easy with SAP F4 lookups

Give business users the ability to see SAP field values from within a form or Excel workbook with integrated SAP F4 lookups.

Handle complex projects with dynamic process linking

Build solutions that dynamically kick off the right processes and sub-processes to collect and approve data or complete tasks across multiple SAP objects.

Improve data quality with live SAP validation

Check that your data is right from within a form or Excel workbook before posting to SAP.

Enter data quickly and securely with direct posting

Create or update data instantly in SAP using direct and secure RFC calls.

Choose the right front end with a choice of forms or Excel

Give business users role-based forms to handle one or a few related records or Excel workbooks for mass data management tasks.

Build better solutions with enterprise-grade capabilities

Create powerful, flexible solutions with capabilities that include:

  • Dashboards to give visibility into process status
  • Smart form logic for flexible, effective solutions
  • Parallel tasks to speed up processes
  • Email notifications to keep everyone on task
  • Support for attachments to improve compliance
  • Task reassignment capabilities to keep the process moving forward

Quite frankly, there was no real competition. As a mature enterprise, we always go for the best-of-breed app. We expect solutions to deliver a full feature set, sophisticated auditing capabilities, and all-around rigor. Winshuttle met and exceeded our standards and expectations, and nothing else even came close.

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Get data right and keep it right with data stewardship capabilities

Build data guardrails into your solution to prevent bad data from getting into your SAP system and clean up existing bad data fast with an extensive range of data stewardship capabilities.

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Foundation Modules


Build role-based forms that embed your business rules and sophisticated workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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User Governance

Get granular control over who can do what with Winshuttle software, centrally store and manage solutions, run audits, and more.

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SAP Integration Services

Get robust server-side data exchange capabilities, including queuing and scheduling.

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