Winshuttle for Salesforce

Improve your Salesforce data management with Excel

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Extract, create and change Salesforce data using Excel

Use custom Salesforce objects via API

Work with Salesforce extensions like Servicemax

Create, update and retrieve Salesforce records without programming

Modern cloud-based systems like Salesforce need to be fed consistently with accurate and timely information from a variety of sources. With the flexibility of Excel and power of Winshuttle, business users have the ability to build reliable and consistent integration scenarios without requiring technical skills or programming.

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Winshuttle for Salesforce

Why use it?

Accelerate and improve data management in Salesforce by enabling end-users to:

  • Manage their own data in Salesforce without having to depend on IT
  • Automate complex data management business processes to save time, improve operational efficiency and data quality

Winshuttle for Salesforce interacts with standard and custom Salesforce APIs and data structures.

  • Leverage bi-directional data integration between Microsoft Excel ® and Salesforce
  • Deploy pre-built integration templates to business users for data gathering and data manipulation
  • Choose from perpetual or subscription based licensing for authors and runners

What can it do?

Winshuttle for Salesforce improves business processes for both implementation and sustainment, including:

  • Salesforce data migration
  • Salesforce data entry
  • Salesforce data maintenance
  • Salesforce data quality

Fast, reliable Salesforce data management for business users.

  • Enable end users to update and extract Salesforce data from Excel
  • Save time and money while improving data quality and productivity
  • Create and maintain Salesforce quotes and opportunities from Excel
  • Create and update Salesforce accounts and contacts
  • Mass maintain items and price lists

<strong>Salesforce easy mapping</strong>

Salesforce easy mapping

Mass data creation

Mass data creation

How does it work?

Winshuttle for Salesforce enables users to:

  • Identify and expose fields from any Salesforce business scenario
  • Authors then map the relevant fields to an Excel spreadsheet template
  • Create a script that works with an integration template that any authorized business user can use.
  • The Winshuttle for Salesforce script enables the user to post data to Salesforce rapidly, entering data into the Salesforce structures as if the data were entered manually.

Companies can deploy Winshuttle for Salesforce in two ways:

    • Full version – Super–users can create and edit the integration scenario
    • Run-only version – any authorized Salesforce users can securely move data between Excel and Salesforce using predefined integration templates.

Key features of Winshuttle for Salesforce

  • Winshuttle for Salesforce requires no changes to your Salesforce environment
  • Users can make use of standard and custom Salesforce APIs to create data management scenario scripts and data templates in a simple process that requires no particular technical skills and requires no programming
  • New users of Winshuttle for Salesforce can have fully functioning data management scripts operational in minutes as opposed to days or weeks with custom development
  • Users can see successes and failures in their data creation and change activities in real time in the template that they use to update Salesforce data
  • Users can make corrections to Salesforce data on demand and quickly update Salesforce without repeating several cycles of data correction and resubmission
  • Users have controlled access to Salesforce data without needing to navigate browser screens

Selecting an object

Selecting an object


Does Winshuttle for Salesforce work with customized scenarios?
What changes do I need to make to my Salesforce system to install Winshuttle for Salesforce?
Winshuttle for Salesforce is an entirely client-side product and requires no changes to your system. Client machines need to have Windows Vista or newer and Microsoft Office.
Does Winshuttle for Salesforce require developer access?
Does Winshuttle for Salesforce work with Excel data without conversion?
Does Winshuttle for Salesforce support asynchronous (batch) and synchronous calls to Salesforce APIs?

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