Do more with your Studio licenses

Studio Manager is a powerful administration and governance platform for your Winshuttle Studio licenses. It enables you to get granular control over who can do what with Winshuttle software, share content, assign licenses, execute jobs from the server, and much more.

Get centralized control and even higher productivity

Discover how this easy-to-use software gives you centralized control of your Studio users and content and empowers your business teams to be more productive.

Key features at a glance

Store and manage content centrally

Approve scripts prior to use

Assign and manage Winshuttle licenses

Enforce governance through roles management

Track and report on KPIs

Enable approval step before data is posted

Run audit reports to meet compliance requirements

Set granular policies for data exchanges with SAP

Manage SAP and other data connections

Schedule and execute jobs from the server

Add an approval step for your data

With Studio Manager, you can have someone review the data in your Excel workbook before posting it to SAP.

This approval step enables you to improve data quality and meet compliance requirements.

Need more than one approver and sophisticated workflow capabilities?

Schedule and execute jobs from the server

Run jobs anytime from the server without tying up your local PCs. Whether you need to post data to SAP from your Winshuttle-enabled Excel workbooks or pull data from SAP, you can schedule the job to run from the server at the time you choose.

Set parameters like the number of records and transactions allowed and monitor job progress from within Studio Manager.

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Make audits easier

See at a glance who did what and when with Studio and quickly get to the underlying data files exchanged with SAP.

Studio Manager is your one-stop destination for running usage reports for all your Studio users.

Report on KPIs

Use out-of-the-box and custom reporting to view:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Records processed by transaction
  • Process status
  • Active users
  • Data errors and more