Winshuttle Studio v11

Transform your SAP experience.

Improved UI

Simplified user interface


Faster upload/download speed


Improved real-time validation

What’s new for basic users

What's new for basic users
  • Faster SAP data posting and updates
  • One application for queries and transactions
  • Edit Excel data from directly within Studio
  • Validate and simulate data before posting to SAP
  • Define optional SAP fields as mandatory
  • Define custom allowed and lookup values

What’s new for advanced users

  • Easier to install and deploy for all users
  • Implement complex IF then logic using AND/OR constructs
  • Implement Excel based transforms for queries and transaction recordings
  • Add long text to scripts without special recording techniques
  • Add document attachments to scripts without special recording techniques
  • Easily link and chain scripts for complex scenarios
  • Create and maintain BAPI based scripts in one step, directly in Studio
What's new for advanced users