Workflow Applications

Complete workflow traceability

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Route Excel files through configurable workflows

Collect and approve data quickly and accurately

Create dashboards for SLAs, performance metrics, etc.

Workflows that work for you

Winshuttle Foundation enables departments or entire organizations to quickly deploy workflow for business processes that interact with SAP data. These workflows are built with Composer, Winshuttle’s web-based single authoring environment that simplifies workflow and form creation.

Excel Workflow Demo

Watch the Excel Workflow demo

Add data validation checks

Add data validation checks

Why use it?

Foundation allows you to employ proactive data governance by fixing data as it is entered at the source. You can build a workflow application that enables you to easily create data, and add data validation checks to review data prior to entry. This increases your SAP data quality and reduces the overall effort for data set-up and clean-up.

How does it work?

Winshuttle’s Workflow Applications have the following components:

  • Composer – Browser based Integrated Development Environment to create workflow processes and forms tightly coupled with SAP
  • Web Forms – Interact with workflow apps from your browser with a customizable workflow to facilitate multiple data contributors seamlessly connected to SAP
  • Excel Integration – Route Excel files through a configurable workflow that spans data creation, contribution, approval, rejection, or reassignment of data tasks, all from the easy to use Excel ribbon
  • Dashboards – Execution dashboards provide visibility for task lists, available processes and running processes. Operations dashboards show SLAs, performance metrics, etc.
  • Workflow Engine – Model business processes and role-based workflows using an intuitive graphical design surface, supporting both parallel and serial flows. You can have multiple contributors and automate a complete business process


Why do firms implement Workflow Applications?
Many firms create Workflow Applications due to one of following reasons:

  • They have processes that are very time consuming, complex, or filled with errors.
  • They need to increase the quality of the data in their system, and want an easier way to enter data without manual errors.
  • They need to set-up data with different security restrictions than the source system provides. Winshuttle Foundation allows you to customize the data entry process that is aligned with your data security needs.
What are the benefits of a Workflow Application over a Studio Script?
Studio scripts are beneficial for customers who need to build a script quickly to fix data in SAP. Workflow applications are great for companies who need to update only a record or two at a time, and prefer not to use an Excel template each time or need to add an approval step designed specifically for their organizational complexities (i.e. approvals that align with their organizations’ management structure).
What are the most common use cases Workflow Applications cover?
Winshuttle customers have created solutions across the entire SAP range of capabilities. Many firms use workflow applications to create and maintain Customer, Material, or Vendor master data. Some use the tools to replace Lotus Notes applications for a wide range of needs, while others use Winshuttle to automate sales order or procurement processes. The driving force behind workflow applications is to identify business process pains and build applications to alleviate issues.
What are some key benefits or characteristics of a Workflow Application?
Workflow Applications provide three types of benefits:Workflow: The ability to have a pre-set and customizable path for data entry and approval with workflow control.

Data quality edits: The ability to edit nearly any field to meet the needs of the customer and ensure high data quality.
Audit, Tracking, and Management: The ability to have one way to complete a data task, track who does what, and review current statuses.

How can I leverage my existing Studio scripts in a Workflow Application?
Any script that has been developed for Studio can be modified to an XML input and used within a workflow application. This means that scripts developed and used over time can now be quickly adapted and used in conjunction with a web form to quickly and efficiently benefit your business users.

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