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Product demo

Streamline the FB50 Journal Entry process

In this demonstration you will learn how Winshuttle Studio streamlines the FB50 journal entry process including improving data quality, error handling and automatic posting, all while working in Excel.

Product demo

Asset Management: AS01

This demonstration shows how to use Winshuttle Studio to create a new asset using transaction AS01 and subsequently acquiring the same asset using transaction ABZON.

Product demo

Streamlining asset and equipment creation in SAP S/4HANA

Streamlining asset and equipment creation in SAP S/4HANA using Winshuttle Evolve. In this demo you will see how to create an asset, dynamically read depreciation areas and route for approval if the asset value meets a pre-determined threshold.

Product demo

Cost Center hierarchy maintenance

This demonstration shows how you can automate and streamline hierarchy maintenance using Winshuttle Evolve. In the demonstration you will learn how to add or remove nodes, route for approval and final routing for review and posting.

Product demo

Planned vs Actual Budget reporting

This demonstration shows you how to use Winshuttle to extract specific data from SAP for analysis and reporting purposes.

Product demo

Bank reconciliation with Winshuttle

In this demonstration you will see how you can use Winshuttle for receiving bank data, converting to Excel template, querying SAP to find open items by customer, identify matches and clear those open items in SAP. You will also learn how Winshuttle can separate all non-matches and discrepancies for further analysis. Finally, you will discover how we help you with audit and tracking of the entire process.


Insights from SAP master data professionals

Read how Winshuttle customers are empowering their business teams to accelerate SAP material master processes, improve data quality, and reduce reliance on specialized SAP IT resources.

Product demo

Create and extend raw materials faster with Winshuttle Evolve

See how to create and extend raw materials in SAP faster while improving data quality with a modular forms and workflow solution built to accelerate SAP product launches. Learn how to reduce cycle times for materials, source lists and PIRs by 50% or more.

Recorded webinar

How to Master Class Characteristics in Studio

Learn everything you need to know about automating classes and characteristics, with a focus on material class characteristics. Topics include an overview of what classes and characteristics are, why they’re used, and best practices to automate them.

Recorded webinar

Holly Hunt – Building a Solid Foundation for Omnichannel Business

Jett Tackbary/VP Business Transformation at Holly Hunt shares how they took their high-touch, brick & mortar showroom business and combined it with a high-tech, dynamic omnichannel model to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Recorded webinar

Tackle the Top 3 Challenges with Materials and SAP Product Data

Learn why companies like Monster Energy depend on Winshuttle to speed up day-to-day SAP tasks and transform slow, manual, and error-prone launches into fast, scalable, and agile processes.

Recorded webinar

Practical tips to get you started with SAP Master Data and manage complex data-intensive processes [UKISUG Webinar]

Learn how to speed up strategic SAP Master Data processes by over 50% while improving data quality, automating and streamlining data-intensive processes such as product launches, customer and vendor onboarding and much more.

Product demo

Winshuttle’s NPI Solution: Accelerate product launch processes, get more visibility and improve master data quality

This demonstration of the Winshuttle New Product Introduction Solution shows a high-level overview of how to quickly create a line extension of an existing product. In it, you will see how Winshuttle looks holistically at the process and addresses multiple aspects of complexity for new product creation and extension. In addition, you will also see how Winshuttle helps improve data quality and speed while maintaining and tracking SAP compliance and governance.

Product demo

Speed through mass SAP materials creation tasks with Excel

This Winshuttle Studio demonstration shows a product setup scenario, covering how to quickly create new materials in SAP using Excel as well as using those materials to create bills of materials. In addition, you will also see how Winshuttle helps improve data quality and speed while maintaining your SAP compliance and governance.

Product demo

Speed through mass SAP product data change activities using Excel

This demonstration shows how to use Winshuttle Studio to perform “round trip” scenarios to speed through material master data changes. You will see how to extract data from SAP, make changes and then re-post the data all in one seamless process. In addition, you will also see how Winshuttle helps improve data quality and speed while maintaining your SAP compliance and governance.


Why your digital transformation efforts won’t succeed without great business data

If you’re involved in any digital transformation initiative in your organization, this eBook is for you. Read it to learn why having trusted data about your products, customers, suppliers, locations, and more is critical to driving the results your C-suite is expecting.


Why your data management program is the foundation for digital transformation success

If you’re responsible for master data management (MDM) in your organization, this eBook is for you. Read it to learn how you can connect the dots for the business between your program and the success of their digital transformation efforts.

Recorded webinar

How to Start and Build a Successful SAP Data Management Program [APAC]

Learn how to improve data quality at scale across your organisation.


The Advantages of Multi-Domain MDM and PIM

Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) are the foundation of Information Management (IM). Although long regarded as two separate entities, data professionals are now also realizing the power of treating multi-domain MDM and PIM as interrelated disciplines, especially when it comes to leveraging data around products, vendors, and, most importantly, customers. John Jones, VP, CTO EnterWorks at Winshuttle joins em360 to shed light on the individual advantages of multi-domain MDM and PIM, plus the benefits of utilizing them collaboratively.

Case study

Ascend Performance Materials

See why Ascend Performance Materials chose Winshuttle to build automated solutions to streamline processes and improve data quality and compliance.

Recorded webinar

Carhartt – Data Governance Roundtable

Listen to Bob Demetter from Carhartt and Kristian Kalsing from Winshuttle talk about data governance and organizing for success.

Recorded webinar

Session 3 of 3: Winshuttle Customer Panel – The SAP Master Data journey [UKI Webinar Spring Series]

Hear testimonials on the importance of getting Master Data right the first time.