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Winshuttle software solves SAP data management problems across SAP modules and virtually every business department including Master Data, Finance, IT, HR and Supply Chain. By reducing manual data entry through automation, you can free up more time for value added tasks. Winshuttle’s business led, IT enabled solutions increase ERP agility, and promote rapid business transformation, allowing you to revolutionize the way your business works.

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Allows companies to automate complex SAP-based processes across the organization, using forms and workflow technologies. Empower business users to streamline data collection and data validation processes across departments, while providing proper governance and administration controls.

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An Excel-compatible product that automates data collection, validation and movement for use with SAP, saving you significant time and money and increasing process efficiency.

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Winshuttle for Salesforce

Helps to alleviate any dependency on IT for the maintenance of Salesforce data by giving business users secure, robust and reliable tools to maintain their own data all from the familiarity of Microsoft Excel.