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4 Keys Unlocking Data Quality 1WS

You’ll learn how your organization can utilize Master Data Management (MDM) and the latest tools to validate, learn, report, and strategize for improved data quality.


6 Components Data Governance

Download this e-book from EnterWorks and Amplifi for an in-depth report on the steps necessary to achieve Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Stewardship for your organization.

Recorded webinar

A Team Approach to Data Governance

Presented by Ingryd Hernandez of US Foods

Ingryd Hernandez is Senior Manager, Data Governance, Insights & Analytics at US Foods. She is responsible for the planning, stand up and leading of the US Foods’ Enterprise Data Governance program. Ingryd formalizes authoritative and control mechanisms for the management of data and information assets. She also administers the program, oversees program activities and communicates performance to the Sponsors and Stakeholders. In addition, she facilitates development and implementation of data sharing, extraction and glossary vocabulary requirements and standards across the enterprise.


Agile Data Fabric

Rapid digital transformation has placed data at the core of every infrastructure changing the way companies must approach Master Data Management (MDM). This eBook will review the top three MDM elements that companies need in order to grow and evolve, along with guidance on leveraging EnterWorks Agile Data Fabric™ (ADF) to break free of traditional data restraints and become a boundaryless enterprise.

Recorded webinar

Agri-Mark – Got Traceability? Possibilities for the Dairy Industry

Susan Zucker is the Director of Supply Chain at Agri-Mark Dairy Cooperative and an adjunct business instructor at Champlain College in Burlington Vermont. Agri-Mark manufactures and sells Vermont and New York cheese, butter, yogurt and cultured products under the brand name of Cabot and dried whey and non-fat dry milk powder under the brand Agri-Mark. In her role as Supply Chain Director, Susan oversees supply chain planning and service, master data standards, as well as export and customer compliance. In her role as adjunct business instructor at Champlain College she teaches a rotation of courses in both the graduate and undergraduate programs focused on supply chain.

Susan has an MBA from Plymouth State University and a doctorate in Organizational Management from Capella University. Her dissertation research was on the impact of data synchronization adoption on organizations and she has published several articles on this topic. Susan also is certified by APICS with the CPIM (Certification in Production Inventory Management) and is a member of ASCM.

Jeff Cowan is a Director, Community Engagement at GS1 US. In this role, he works with companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry to improve supply chain visibility, product traceability and food safety by applying GS1 Standards to business processes. Mr. Cowan also leads the GS1 US National Data Quality Program, a program he helped develop in collaboration with industry professionals to help them respond to the growing need to seamlessly share accurate product information with their trading partners and consumers.

Mr. Cowan has more than 35 years of experience in the CPG industry and has an extensive background working for Pinnacle Foods, Ultimate Juice Company, Kraft, and Nabisco in the areas of production planning, inventory management, order management, transportation, sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes, customer service, master data maintenance, and business integration. Prior to joining GS1 US, Mr. Cowan served as a Senior Go-to-Market Manager at Unilever, where he was responsible for Sales & Operations Planning, product supply, and customer service for various Unilever businesses representing approximately $1 billion annual sales.

Mr. Cowan is a frequent speaker on the topics of traceability and data quality, and has spoken at industry conferences including the MDM & Data Governance conference and the NGA (National Grocers Association) show. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Logistics from Penn State University.


All Emerging Technology

Emerging technology is disrupting the way we all interact – whether it’s B2B, B2C, or peer-to-peer. This eBook explores how – through differentiated technology, partnerships, and innovation – EnterWorks is helping organizations turn revolutionary ideas into reality.

Recorded webinar

Animal Supply – Product Data – The New Company Currency

Laura has over 20 years of digital experience across distribution, retail, travel, banking, telecom, and aerospace industries. She has worked with leading organizations such as Animal Supply Company, Signet Jewelers, Greyhound, Verizon, and NASA. Her primary skillsets are product management and user experience. She is responsible for leading cross-functional internal and external teams to deliver innovative product experiences.

Sean has over 20 years experience consulting with companies to redefine processes, manage change and understand how technology can be used to build capabilities. He has worked in Asia, Europe and the United States with brands like America Airlines, Lego, GameStop, Qantas, Panera Bread, Nokia, Singapore Government and Animal Supply Company. Additionally he has successfully founded multiple start-up companies in the payments and digital assets management markets as well as run a number of consulting organizations. His primary skill set is bringing together multiple parties around a project to align strategic goals, business outcomes, internal & external resources to deliver business value while remaining agile enough to adapt to market changes and evolving priorities.

Product brochure

Asset MDM

Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution for Asset Data helps companies automate the management of physical assets through a single, centralized source of trusted data.

Case study

Beauty Products Provider

As one of the largest online B2B organizations, this billion-dollar business set its sights on a new strategic vision for expanding its B2C commerce across a global platform. First, they would need to tackle error-prone legacy systems and siloed data.

White paper

Build vs Buy

Once a company decides to launch an MDM initiative, they often encounter their first big decision: build software using in-house resources or buy a market-ready MDM solution from a leading software vendor. This white paper will explore the build vs buy decision, discuss four of the biggest build/buy myths, and provide a ‘pros and cons’ checklist to help you make the right decision for your company.

Customer interview

Carhartt – Data Governance Roundtable

Listen to Bob Demetter from Carhartt and Kristian Kalsing from Winshuttle talk about data governance and organizing for success.


CCA Member PIM Playbook

A member guide to take advantage of shared, enriched Product Information in creating differentiated product offers that lift sales and capture market share. This playbook will detail how you can leverage your CCA membership to gain a world-class PIM with best practices built in for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Product brochure

Codifyd PIM for B2B digital

Learn how EnterWorks and Codifyd provide organizations with a holistic technology and industry team to enable differentiated product content strategies through a best-in-class Product Information Management (PIM) platform.


Combinatorial Intelligence

When it comes to third-generation Master Data Management (MDM), there are extraordinary things an enterprise can accomplish. This eBook will take a look at how companies can use a ‘building blocks’ approach to MDM, including utilizing Combinatorial Intelligence along the way to take analytics to the next level.

White paper

Cow to Cart Dairy Industry

This evolving industry is constantly pressed to find “out of the box” ways to make operations more efficient while improving the commerce experience. Download this paper to find out how dairy manufacturers such as HP Hood rely on EnterWorks PIM and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions for improving the commerce experience and master data domains including product, brand and location.

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Cross Domain Intelligence

Organizations today are critically reliant on data. When harnessed, high-quality data can drive intelligence, innovation, and growth. Yet all too often, organizations are hurt by fragmented, ineffective data. This data often proves useless without the appropriate connections and relationships between data domains. Multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) can help.

Product demo

Customer MDM

Watch this video to get on overview of how to create a single source of truth for your customer master data so you can increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs and risk.

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Customer MDM for B2B

Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution for B2B Customer Data helps organizations create, manage, and exploit a golden record of accurate and up-to-date customer data.

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Customer MDM for B2C

Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution for B2C Customer Data provides a golden record of customer information to help enhance personalization, build customer loyalty, boost sales with targeted offers, and maintain compliance with data standards such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Case study

Dairy Industry

From cow to cart, the dairy industry faces an evolving and complex business environment. They are constantly pressed to find new ways to make operations more efficient and meet regulations, all while improving the customer experience. EnterWorks is helping Large Dairy Manufacturers and Cooperatives strategically leverage product information to drive quality and commerce.

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Data Governance Stewardship

Download this solution overview to learn how ™ unites three essential areas of Data Governance & Stewardship through a centralized approach to ensure accountability and reduce the likelihood of errors.

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Datagility PIM Powered

Learn how EnterWorks and Datagility provides a holistic solution and services approach that allows organizations to ‘hit the ground running’ with a powerful Product Information Management (PIM) solution.