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What is Winshuttle?
Winshuttle software is used for data movement, validation, and collection of SAP ERP data . It can be used by individual data stewards who manage the upload/download of data from Excel to into your ERP systems all the way to entire departments and organizations to automate and streamline data-based business processes with web forms and workflow applications. What’s unique about Winshuttle is that we empower the business users to manage their own data and processes with the support and enablement of their IT departments.

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Where does your name come from?
The name “Winshuttle” was derived from the fact that you use our software to “shuttle” data to and from Windows based applications like Excel and SharePoint to your ERP system and you “win” in the process.
What’s the story behind Brushy?
Brushy (the keyboard brush) made his debut in 2006 as a tradeshow give away and surprisingly effective conversation starter. Brushy keeps your keyboard clean, just like Winshuttle keeps the SAP data clean. Since his debut, customers have embraced Brushy (in 13 colors and counting) as a helpful sidekick and fellow travel companion.

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How do you estimate ROI to build a business case for Winshuttle?
It’s easier than you think to estimate tangible savings in terms of time and money as well as bigger picture business value. Here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Talk to a Winshuttle Expert, and we can provide a recommendation on how to get started and what success could look like for you.
  2. Use our ROI calculator to quickly see how our data movement tools can pay for itself.
  3. Watch the “How to Make a Business Case for Replacing LSMW” on demand webinar.
  4. Engage with us to conduct a Business Value Assessment (BVA). This looks at your organization’s current SAP installation and provides a detailed analysis of your biggest opportunities for automation and business process innovation to meet your business objectives.
Is there a Winshuttle community?
Yes, Winshuttle is fortunate to have a large and active user community around the world. In the last 7 years, Winshuttle has hosted over 2000 customers to our Annual Conference for training, networking and best practice sharing. We also have a growing number of local user groups to give you access to fellow Winshuttle users and advocates to help get the most out of your investment.

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What Training resources are available?
Winshuttle offers a range of training options to meet your needs including online training and instructor led training.

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What is your pricing model?
The pricing model for Studio is based on a named user model and depends on the number and type of users (Author versus Runner versus platform users). We can work with you to assess your needs.

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How do I get detailed technical help?
You can find contextual help as well as read the user manual and release notes from within the product you are using. You can also search our support portal to find helpful articles, FAQs and other tips and tricks from our product experts.
How do I create a support ticket?
Go to the Support Portal to submit a ticket for your issue. Simply provide a few details about your issue and your case will be routed to the right person to help you.

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