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Streamline vendor master data while increasing data quality and compliance

See how to create new master data records faster with a forms and workflow solution that ensures that you adhere to your business rules and procedures and improves the quality of your vendor master data.

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Speed up vendor master updates with an Excel-based solution

See how to create Excel-based solutions that speed up the maintenance of vendor and other master data while improving data quality.

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Create and update materials & BoMs faster with an Excel-based solution

See how to create Excel-based solutions that speed up the creation and maintenance of materials, BoMs, and other master data while improving data quality.


Key Considerations for Migrating Your SAP Finance Operations to SAP S/4HANA

Finance is core to your business, and migrating your finance operations to SAP S/4HANA is among the most crucial components of the transition. Many SAP customers are voicing some apprehension about making the move, not sure of what is in store for them and how best to prepare for the shift. This article focuses on two areas we find are causing some concern among Winshuttle customers: implementing the material ledger and moving to account-based profitability analysis.


5 Financial Accounting Processes to Kick Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

Finance Monthly hears from Andrew Hayden, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Winshuttle, who discusses the key accounting processes behind a successful digital transformation.

Recorded webinar

A Fast 3-Step Alternative to LSMW

LSMW was built to assist IT during SAP deployment data migrations – not for everyday business use. What if there was a tool that could be utilized by business users to easily create and update automations quickly and accurately without any required programming? Find out why Winshuttle Studio is a more powerful, business-friendly alternative to LSMW.

Product/solution brief

Winshuttle Enterprise Journal Entry Solution Brief

Learn how to get control of processes and improve your ability to manage massive amounts of financial data while simultaneously improving governance, data quality, and employee productivity.


Where SAP MDG and Winshuttle Evolve Fit into an SAP Data Management and Automation Portfolio

Learn how to make the most of your limited SAP IT budget and resources by choosing the right solution for the task at hand.

Recorded webinar

WUGinar: How to create and maintain BOMs like a Pro

Learn new skills and helpful tips for managing Bill of Materials, including creating Studio scripts for BOMs, setting up a data template and script that allows you to flexibly maintain BOMs (add/change/remove components from existing BOMs), and using webform based solutions to create BOMs utilizing components from several reference BOMs.

Product/solution description

Enterprise Journal Entry Solution Description

Learn more about how Winshuttle can help you better manage SAP General Ledger journal entries.

Recorded webinar

Best practices to accelerate your transition to SAP S/4HANA

Learn how to ensure S/4HANA truly delivers its potential and how to take full advantage of the benefits and capabilities it can deliver to your organization.

Recorded webinar

Simplify SAP Master Data Management using Excel

Research firm Gartner estimates that bad data can cost large organisations $14.2 million dollars per year. With data fast becoming your most critical strategic asset, you need to ensure the influx of data in your SAP system is properly maintained and controlled. This webinar will show you how to automate the creation, validation and maintenance of mass volumes of master data, reducing manual work, and eliminating bad data at the point of entry. Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How data has become both a strategic opportunity and serious barrier to business growth
  • How there is a quick and easy solution to integrate Microsoft Excel and web forms with SAP in order to automate manual data entry and   improve data accuracy
  • How to stay flexible and error-free while creating and maintaining large volumes of material, customer, vendor, or pricing data
  • How other companies have significantly reduced data errors and streamline processes while achieving world class savings in time and cost


Moving to a financial shared services model: the data management challenge

Jeanette Mifsud of Winshuttle explains how to get the best out of a financial shared services model – even with the challenge of managing huge amounts of data.

Recorded webinar

ASUG Webinar: How to Tackle the Top 3 Challenges with Materials and SAP® Product Data

Get practical tips on how to tackle data challenges in your manufacturing processes and real-world examples of the results you can achieve by deploying smart, fit-for-purpose automation solutions.


Tackling Data to Remain Relevant

This article in European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer magazine examines the changing drug landscape and why pharmaceutical companies need to go digital with their data.


Regain Control of SAP Journal Entries

See how inefficient processes and overwhelming volumes can significantly impede your business.

Product/solution brief

Winshuttle and Blue Prism

The integration of Winshuttle Studio and Blue Prism, through the Winshuttle VBO (Visual Business Object) template, empowers users to automate the rapid movement of data in and out of SAP ERP systems using Microsoft Excel. This integration adds two critical skills to Blue Prism Intelligent automation: Collaboration and Problem Solving. Companies can now significantly reduce manual data input processes, collaborating seamlessly between people, process and technology, saving money and time while improving overall SAP data quality.

Recorded webinar

RPA for SAP: Take the robot out of the human

Learn which RPA technologies make sense when it comes to automating SAP processes and how RPA done right can automate repetitive, tedious tasks in SAP and ‘take the robot out of the human’—saving thousands of hours each year and enabling people to focus on higher-value work.

Recorded webinar

WUGinar: 3 ways to maximize Long Text in SAP® and save time and resources

Save time and resources by maximizing long text in SAP with Winshuttle. Join us on April 17th to learn how you can create and update long text in SAP through 3 different options: Standard Mode – Winshuttle specific functionality, Batch Mode – Line editor text and BAPI – Long Text with a BAPI.


How to Tackle the Top 3 Challenges with Materials and SAP Product Data

There’s a mountain of master data needed to manufacture products in SAP—and all that data needs to be created and updated. Learn how to stay on top of mass maintenance tasks, speed up product launches, and improve the quality of all your SAP product data with automation and data management solutions from Winshuttle.

Recorded webinar

Simplify Mass Maintenance for your SAP Master Data using Excel

Take charge of your master data and make an impact on your business.