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Recorded webinar

RPA for SAP®: Take the robot out of the human

Get up to speed on RPA trends and best practices, and learn how organizations are automating repetitive, tedious tasks in SAP.

Analyst report

Forrester Wave Master Data Management Q1 2019

EnterWorks’ support of ecosystems is preparing it for the third generation of MDM. Its product strategy focuses on user personalization, AI, and machine learning. Customer references like the product’s ease of use, fast time-to-value, and flexibility.

Product demo

Winshuttle for Master Data – Speed Through Customer Master Mass Changes with an Excel-based Solution

See how to use an Excel-based solution to speed through creating, extending or changing large numbers of customer master records.

Recorded webinar

4 ways to reduce journal entry bottlenecks in SAP®

Learn how to reduce key bottlenecks, so you can quickly produce better, more accurate financial reports.


RPA: Promise vs. Reality

See why an SAP-Specific Robotic Process Automation Solution Is a Must-Have in Your Portfolio.

Recorded webinar

Optimize your Accounts Receivable processes

One of the keys to a healthy enterprise is to optimize AR processes for better cash flow management and predictability. However, the amount of data from customer master creation, through collection, and eventually booking incoming payments from customers, can be a challenge. Learn how to free up working capital by removing bottlenecks in the AR process caused by manual SAP® processes.

Recorded webinar

Improve manual AP processes in SAP® the Winshuttle way

Learn how Winshuttle can help the Accounts Payable team clean-up and streamline manual processes. We will also cover how to reduce Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) with available resources without having to rely on IT to develop a custom process application and more.


4 Ways SAP Journal Entry Bottlenecks Affect your Business … and How to Eliminate them

If you’re responsible for your company’s general ledger accounting and associated journal entries, this eBook is for you. In it we will discuss four of the most common journal entry bottlenecks and how Winshuttle is helping address these challenges.

Recorded webinar

WUGinar: How to create flexible workflows in Winshuttle Composer with SharePoint

Dive into Winshuttle Composer and learn helpful tips and knowledge to incorporate dynamic queries to assign task ownership in a way that is both easily maintained and can flexibly adapt as the business changes (without requiring a developer).

Product brochure

New Product Introduction Solution Description

Learn how Winshuttle’s New Product Introduction solution enables your organization to digitize and accelerate any product launch process. Read how this strategic and modular product launch platform can help you get products to market faster, improve launch status visibility and product data quality.

Recorded webinar

How to start and build a successful SAP® data management program – APAC

Whether you’re building an SAP® data management program for the first time or looking for ways to increase your program’s impact on the business, learn valuable tips including how to:

  • Get and keep funding for your program
  • Establish a common language for all parties involved with improving data quality
  • Engage the business at all stages of your program
  • Empower the business to build solutions that implement business rules and streamline processes
  • Bridge the data management gap experienced by many organisations

Recorded webinar

Best practices to accelerate your transition to SAP® S/4HANA

Learn how organizations are accelerating their move to SAP® S/4HANA by relying on Winshuttle solutions to streamline their journey.

Recorded webinar

Automate and improve your SAP® plant maintenance operations

Learn how to empower people in your maintenance team to continuously improve the efficiency of your SAP® PM operations through smart automation solutions.

Analyst report

Winshuttle 10 Retail Trends for 2019

Extraordinary opportunity awaits those who can move faster and smarter. Start strategizing with a new study from Coresight Research, 10 Retail Trends for 2019. We’re providing this free report to pass along fresh insights and analysis on the top trends to follow this year.

Improve process efficiency in Shared Service Centres

Join us on 22nd January to learn how you can achieve greater efficiency and accelerate key processes across your shared service centre. Hear how other SAP customers have simplified, standardised, and automated their processes to deliver on their continuous improvement objectives.

Who should attend: Shared Services professionals across all industries interested in automating SAP processes including O2C, H2R, R2R, P2P and MDM.

Find out how Winshuttle’s solutions will enable you to:

  • Easily manage master & transactional data
  • Accelerate business operations with Excel
  • Improve process efficiency and productivity

Register today to learn how you can optimise your SAP systems for Shared Services Delivery.

Recorded webinar

Excel to SAP® – Automate pricing updates to cope with seasonal demand

Learn how Winshuttle customers have used an Excel-based solution to automate their pricing changes in SAP® and be responsive to a fast-paced market.

Recorded webinar

Digitize your SAP® product launch processes and get to market faster

Reduce product launch cycle times, and scale your launch capacity with Winshuttle’s unique New Product Introduction solution.

Recorded webinar

Automate and improve your SAP®plant maintenance operations

Learn how to empower people in your maintenance team to continuously improve the efficiency of your SAP PM operations through smart automation solutions.

Recorded webinar

WUGinar: How to use Studio Direct to simplify the use of BAPIs and RFMs

This WUGinar will walk you through how to leverage SAP, custom BAPIs, and remote-enabled function modules.

Recorded webinar

Optimize your Accounts Receivable processes

While there’s never a good time to put a magnifying glass on your AR processes, you could be missing out on major efficiencies that help improve data accuracy and free up working capital. In this webinar, learn how to remove bottlenecks in the AR process caused by manual SAP processes.

Recorded webinar

Improve manual AP processes in SAP® the Winshuttle way

Accounts payable is one of the most important, and most complex function in any enterprise as it involves nearly all payments outside of payroll. The amount of data that must be collected, reviewed, approved and processed through the system can be daunting. Learn how to streamline AP processes.

Customer interview

Smith’s Detection

See how Nik Pattni and his team at Smith’s Detection replaced LSMW with Winshuttle and empowered their business users to write their own solutions without programming.