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White paper

Why you need a specialized automation platform for digitizing your strategic SAP processes

This positioning paper is intended for IT, digital transformation and automation decision makers within companies running on SAP, who aim to increase operational performance of processes to support digital transformation. Winshuttle Evolve is an Automation platform built for complex, data-centric business processes that features automation capabilities for process simplification, digitalization and data stewardship. Our platform speeds up processes while lowering business risk, improving data quality and streamlining operations.


Digital Transformation and the Many Advantages of MDM

Digital transformation has changed over the years, especially in light of COVID-19. No longer just a term used to describe ‘out with the old technology and in with the new’, it now refers to everything from digitizing assets to implementing a master data management (MDM) system. Joining Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, to delve deeper into the matter are Kerry Young, Enterworks VP and General Manager for Winshuttle, and Jonathan Varo, Product Information Management Team Lead at Fender Musical Instruments.

Recorded webinar

How to Speed-up Studio Script Development by Leveraging Winshuttle’s Template Library

Uncover how you can leverage all the content from the Winshuttle Template Library to speed-up Studio Script development, including formatting changes within the template, adding and/or deleting fields from a Transcription Script, adding and/or deleting fields from a Query script and much more.

Product brochure

Closing Management Solutions for SAP

Automate manual SAP closing tasks, improve data accuracy, and be more compliant—with Winshuttle Evolve—a flexible automation platform that’s designed for SAP and where work gets done faster using business-friendly Microsoft Excel and web forms.

Event presentation

Automating Master Data with Winshuttle Studio

In this demo you will, find out how you can streamline your SAP business processes, allowing you to have more time for value added tasks.

  • Create Supply Chain Master data directly from Microsoft Excel
  • Take control of SAP business processes without relying on IT
  • Validate and simulate data before posting to SAP

Recorded webinar

How Shared Service Centers can meet today’s SAP finance challenges

In this session, we look at the impact the global pandemic is having on shared service centers and examine the benefits of adopting a flexible finance platform like Winshuttle.

Customer interview

Generac Power Systems

Learn how Generac Power Systems effectively streamlined processes saving more than 28,000 hours of manual data entry and quality auditing over 18 months, and reduced their LSMW usage with Winshuttle.

Product demo

Going Digital: Journal Entry Automation

See how you can automate your complex journal entry data and workflow processes without requiring your accounting teams to stop using Excel. Our Evolve Journal Entry solution delivers flexible, conditional routing for reviews and approvals and automatic posting to SAP once approvals are received.

Event presentation

Digital Evolution Summit: AstraZeneca

Discover why AstraZeneca selected Winshuttle’s SAP automation and data management software and how the steps taken by its Central Data team resulted in rapid adoption and amplified traction with other teams.

Event presentation

ASUG SAP for Industries Virtual Conference 2020: Automotive

Drive productivity and be more agile with flexible SAP automation solutions.

Event presentation

ASUG SAP for Industries Virtual Conference 2020: Oil and Gas

Drive operational efficiency and excellence through smart SAP automation solutions.

Event presentation

ASUG SAP for Industries Virtual Conference 2020: Utilities

Make the most of your scarce resources by automating your SAP processes.

Recorded webinar

Change the way you work with SAP

Discover how Winshuttle’s business-led, IT-enabled solutions can streamline everyday SAP business processes; eliminating manual data entry via the SAP GUI, improving data quality and reducing the demand on IT.

Recorded webinar

Excel Workflow with Evolve: Combine Traditional Workflows & Mass Upload Capabilities

Learn everything you need to know about Evolve Excel-based Workflows and how to make them work for your business in this special 2 hour WUGinar.


SAP Finance Automation Platforms: Make a One-Time Investment for All Your Automation Needs

Finance automation initiatives are becoming ubiquitous for enterprises in today’s connected, digital world. For many SAP finance organizations, however, the challenge is finding an automation platform that can quickly and efficiently deliver automation solutions that address multiple use cases. Read this article to discover SAP automation options that can be quickly developed and implemented with minimal programming or IT engagement.

Product demo

Digital Asset Management

Watch this video to get an overview of how the EnterWorks platform enables you to centrally manage your digital assets and create cohesive, on-brand product experiences.

Product demo

Supplier MDM

Watch this video to get an overview of how to create a single source of truth for your supplier data and drive supply-chain efficiency.

Product demo

Customer MDM

Watch this video to get on overview of how to create a single source of truth for your customer master data so you can increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs and risk.

Product demo

Product Master Data Management (MDM)

Get an overview of EnterWorks’ MDM capabilities in the product domain. This video will walk you through how the EnterWorks platform enables you to create a single source of truth for your product data.

Product demo

PIM for Manufacturers

Watch this video to see how the EnterWorks product information management platform enables manufacturers to harness the power of data to drive on-brand, personalized product experiences across any channel.

Product demo

PIM for Retailers

Watch this video to get an overview of how the EnterWorks product information management (PIM) platform enables retailers to create seamless and differentiated experiences to drive business.

Recorded webinar

Automating the SAP Financial Close

Learn how to better manage your SAP closing tasks as well as improve and automate the underlying transactional activities.