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Winshuttle Corporate Brief

Winshuttle software empowers business teams to make their processes faster and their data better. Discover why over 2,400 enterprise organizations across the globe trust our flexible no-code-low-code software to drive business results at scale, increase agility, and transform digital into a competitive advantage.

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Gartner critical capabilities 2015

Gartner Critical Capabilities complement Magic Quadrant analysis to offer deeper insight into the products and services offered by multiple vendors. Understanding our research methodologies will help you to use these reports to decide which products and services are best fits for your enterprise.

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Successful SCM processes start with high quality ERP data (UK)

Join us to learn more about the benefits of a lean approach to your SCM processes. Supply chain professionals are constantly asked to improve process inefficiencies, and do more with less, and better.

Today effective SCM processes require high quality ERP data. In this webinar, learn how a lean approach can enhance data quality, and decrease lead time to meet and exceed your customers’ SLAs.

Recorded webinar

Successful SCM processes start with high quality ERP data

Join us to learn more about the benefits of a lean approach to your SCM processes. Supply chain professionals are constantly asked to improve process inefficiencies, and do more with less, and better.

Today effective SCM processes require high quality ERP data. In this webinar, learn how a lean approach can enhance data quality, and decrease lead time to meet and exceed your customers’ SLAs.

Recorded webinar

Material master data creation process improved by Winshuttle

Learn about Winshuttle’s platform for building lean applications to automate SAP data collection, validation and movement.See how Winshuttle allows business users to automate material master creation process, as well as modifying, updating and validating material master in SAP. These principles can also be applied to vendor and customer master data processes.

Recorded webinar

Efficient order to cash process starts with better master data

Did you know that master data is often the bottle neck in your order to cash (O2C) process? Are you spending too much time firefighting around O2C?
Join our webinar to learn how to improve data collection, validation and movement in your O2C process.

Recorded webinar

Take the pain out of Lotus Notes migrations

The process of migrating workflows from Lotus Notes is an extremely daunting challenge; not only is it expensive and time-consuming, it can cause a lot of disruption to your users.

For organisations that have already invested in SharePoint and SAP and are looking to transition from Lotus Notes, Winshuttle provides a simpler, faster migration path with the ability to integrate these tools and automate your key business processes.

White paper

Winshuttle for Enterprise Architects

Winshuttle’s platform provides capabilities to collect, validate and move data into and out of SAP in a rapid manner without compromising security or governance. This white paper describes the Winshuttle platform for the Enterprise Architecture team – the capabilities, use cases, and how it fits into the enterprise architecture.

White paper

Applying the Principles of Lean IT to Data Management

Applying lean IT principles to data management addresses poor information quality within ERP, which when it becomes chronic, results in lost trust in the system, shadow IT, and ultimately poor decision-making. This paper explores the challenges and opportunities for high quality ERP data management, leveraging the principles of lean IT.

Recorded webinar

Driving SAP Continual Process Improvement leveraging Lean IT Principles

This webcast features Michael Orzen, co-author of “Lean IT” who provide insights into applying principles of Lean IT to data management. During this webcast, you will also see how Canada Post, one of Canada’s largest SAP implementations, drives time to value in SAP by automating core business processes using principles of lean application development.

White paper

Lean Application Development Platform

Information Technology (IT) faces tough challenges when it comes to building SAP applications designed to enhance business processes relating to master data, finance, supply chain, operations and human resources. This white paper provides an IT perspective for considering lean application development as an approach for improved data quality, application development agility, decreased demand of IT resources and more.

White paper

How Finance Professionals can Thrive in Changing Business Structures

Even though new technologies and global outsourcing are lowering the cost of bookkeeping and compliance, there remains pressures to reduce the cost of running the finance and operations back-office. Accountants and finance professionals must switch to higher-value services.

This white paper describes how applying lean principles to the finance function with new technologies can streamline processes, reduce costs and support some of the area that accountants consider a higher value to the business.

Recorded webinar

Lean Data Management for SAP (UK)

Learn about Winshuttle’s platform for building lean applications for automating SAP data collection, validation and movement. See how this approach allows business users who are close to the process challenges to take a more active role in process optimisation.

Recorded webinar

Creative Solutions with Halliburton

This webinar covers the deployment of the SAP Real Estate Module at Halliburton and goes over how they were able to reduce their data control team to a much smaller, yet more efficient size with Winshuttle.

Edward Scott from Halliburton discusses the initial vision and deployment of the RE/FX Module, as well as data issues that were caused by flaws in the rollout. After changing their processes and structure, Halliburton combined Winshuttle with some out-of-the-box methods to control and correct the data. Edward also covers and quantifies the exact time and money savings that were provided by these improved solutions.

Case study


See how the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products shortened their material master item setup from 28 days to two weeks and realized productivity savings costs amounting to $1.3 million per year.

Recorded webinar

Automating CER Approval with Moen

Moen is dedicated to designing and delivering beautiful products that last a lifetime – all over the world. During this webcast, listen as Gina Carlson, IT Director with Moen describes their lean application development journey from business value assessment to deployment to change management. You will learn how Moen analyzed their existing situation with SAP-based business processes using user interviews and data generated from their SAP transaction logs. You will see how their team worked with Clear Process Solutions to evolve existing processes such as Capital Expenditure Requests from a manual based system to a streamlined, auditable and flexible business process that provides exceptional customer service plus rapid and accurate data entry. All of which were based on industry standard approaches to lean application development.

White paper

Lean Data Management Practices: Seeking value is a never-ending story

Lean techniques are a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to keep the value and reduce the waste of processes with small, incremental changes in order to improve efficiency and quality. This whitepaper presents continuous improvement as a way of life, rather than a one-time task.

Recorded webinar

Material Data Creation Process Innovation with Winshuttle Composer

Is there a better way to do SAP material data creation? Join us for a webinar and learn about Winshuttle’s platform for automating SAP material data collection, validation and movement.

Learn how business users can take an active role in process optimization including:

  • Data Collection – Automate getting all of the data needed for SAP material creation data processes
  • Data Validation – Built in data validation at the point of entry – get it right the first time
  • Data Movement – Migrate data either en masse or at a single transaction record level; from originator to reviewer to approver to data upload.

Hear how Winshuttle complements these core capabilities with the needed infrastructure for material data creation security, and governance

Recorded webinar

Our Recipe for Growth: ConAgra Foods Active Data Governance Journey

Watch this webcast to learn about ConAgra’s Just-In-Time (JIT) MDM Program and their implementation of an Active Governance Strategy leveraging Winshuttle forms and workflow. Stephanie Vandenberg, Data Governance Manager with ConAgra Foods reviews their data governance journey and discussed their implementation of a JIT master data (management) solution designed to better align data and business processes. Finally, she explains how ConAgra achieved a 35% reduction in overall idea-to-shelf product development cycle time.

Case study


Learn how Moen, North America’s number one faucet brand, was able to reduce their Capital Expense Request (CER) process from 4-10 days to 1-2 days using Winshuttle for automation.

Product demo


See how Composer enables authors to use a single, integrated design environment to create the entire solution, including UI, workflow, validation rules, and data connectivity.

Customer interview

Sealed Air

Many companies put an extreme amount of time, money and effort in to manual processes like mass data loading without any way to track their ROI. Finance Process Improvement Specialist Alka Bhavsar explains how Sealed Air used Winshuttle to automate their F-30 process, create dashboards that give visibility into SAP usage and ROI, and save more than 22,500 hours in one quarter alone.