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White paper

Master Data Design Patterns: Accelerating Time to Value Using Developer Best Practices

Winshuttle Solution Engineering has invested more than several thousand man-hours to develop Master Data Design Patterns within the SAP software space. This paper covers several key categories of these design patterns and illustrates how they can benefit a developer or author engaged in building master data workflow solutions.

Product demo

Winshuttle for Master Data – Master Data Design Patterns

Watch this demo about master data design patterns and learn how to accelerate your time to value using developer best practices.

Case study


This case study highlights how this steel manufacturing company reduced SAP material creation by 30% while gaining better data quality through validation and integration across their entire material master data processes.

Recorded webinar

Eli Lilly: Accelerating SAP Process Innovation with Winshuttle

Please join us for a discussion with Eli Lilly Six Sigma experts about Winshuttle’s Business Value Assessment methods and how they accelerate SAP process innovation.

What You Will Learn:

  • The current benefits of linking with IT and a Lean or Six Sigma methodology
  • Eli Lilly’s Kaizen program utilizing Business Value Assessments (BVA) focusing on SAP order to cash process innovations
  • Results, learnings and best practices using Six Sigma tools to streamline business operations

Customer interview


Maintaining complicated master data scenarios can be time consuming and labor intensive.  Hear SAP Business Analyst  Karsten Salin describe how Meneta used Winshuttle to save over 209 hours by cutting their MM02 product creation time from 18 minutes to 2 minutes.

White paper

Master Data Maturity Assessment Perception vs. Reality

Well-managed master data is essential to any SAP business process. This paper summarizes the findings from recent surveys and series of interviews with SAP professionals representing every major enterprise department, with the goal to answer questions related to current trends in master data maturity.

Case study


Learn how Carestream, a leading healthcare technology manufacturer, used Winshuttle Foundation to streamline their master data material creation workflow, reduce the burden on IT and upload 1.7 million records to SAP in less than a year.

Case study


Learn how REI combined SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, and Winshuttle to create a business-critical solution for their order allocation process that reduces end user effort by 86% on average and cuts down potential process errors by 90%.

Product demo

Streamline your SAP customer onboarding process with Winshuttle Evolve

See how to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create and extend customers in SAP while improving data quality with Evolve—a state-of-the-art forms and workflow platform designed to automate strategic data processes.

Product demo

Winshuttle for Master Data – Vendor Creation Demo

This demo takes you through originating the vendor creation, touring the workflow, adding accounting data to the transaction, finance controller review, and validating and updating the SAP transaction.

Customer interview


Supply chain management presents unique challenges in the areas of SAP data extraction, manipulation and analysis, especially when human capital resources are limited. See how SAP System Analyst Paige Eads reduced the time it takes to do a source list change from over a month to only two days, and why Delphi depends on Winshuttle to change mass quantities of data.

Customer interview

Philips Lighting

Maintaining a large database and managing data modification for 30,000 items was a time consuming, tedious burden on the Master Data group at Philips Lighting. Sylvain Darve, Data Manager SAP, explains how his team uses Winshuttle to change mass amounts of data on short notice, while also achieving a higher level of autonomy and a greater degree of responsiveness within the organization.

Customer interview

ConsolGlass South Africa

Transactional processing and vendor master creation can be extremely time consuming and labor intensive, especially when there is a dependency on LSMW. Supply Chain Management Business Analyst Dietrich Miller describes how Winshuttle enabled Consol Glass to update 17,000 vendor master records in just 30 minutes by using templates, a process that previously took 5 – 7 days.

Customer interview

Johns Manville

Master Data initiatives often require IT to spend valuable time supporting business processes, such as facilitating data changes and annual operating plans. Vendor master data in particular involves massive amounts of manual and duplicate data entry, monopolizing resources. Listen to Tonita Espinosa-Young, Enterprise Data Steward for Johns Manville, discuss how she and her IT team saved 320 days in production by automating their Master Data processes with Winshuttle.

Recorded webinar

SAP Master Data Best Practices with Datum and Winshuttle

Solve your most pressing master data problem now with Winshuttle! And get on the fast track to SAP master data integrity.

Attend this webinar and learn…

  • How to validate master data requests at the point of entry against rules inside and outside of SAP
  • About creating role-based and traceable governance processes that route change requests to different stakeholders for input, review and approval
  • Why performing mass maintenance directly from Microsoft Excel without programming is the quickest path to master data quality

Recorded webinar

Learn from BP how to simplify the SAP Hire to Retire process (UK)

See how to simplify the SAP Hire-to-Retire process. Learn real answers to your SAP Hire to Retire process optimisation questions and listen to a case study from BP. Identify where in your H2R business process you can get maximum capacity benefit at minimal cost, i.e. lowering costs for core HR— eg. on boarding employees.

Recorded webinar

How Maersk Line Global Shared Services is driving operational efficiency in their use of SAP (UK)

Maersk Line, a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, has 4 shared services centres running financials processes using SAP for their global organisation. Find out how Maersk Line uses Winshuttle solutions at these global service centres to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Redeploy employees to higher value tasks
  • Significantly reduce errors and corrections
  • Improve end-user experience

Whilst achieving return on investment within the first year after deploying Winshuttle.

Recorded webinar

Invoice Management (MIRO) – Automate SAP invoice entry processes with Winshuttle

In this 30 minute webinar, see how Winshuttle optimizes SAP MIRO business processes for single entry, multiple invoice entry and three-way matching invoice processing (purchase order, goods receipt and invoice). Get the real story on Winshuttle’s flexibility, ease of use and support for invoice management in terms that you–the accounts payable professional–can understand.

Recorded webinar

SAP Master Data Governance Innovation – with HollyFrontier

See how Fortune 500 company HollyFrontier is using Winshuttle to perfect their Master Data processes.

Case study


Learn how Pharmascience utilized Winshuttle to automate manual processes via forms and workflows, giving them greater visibility into how they could improve maintenance practices— like identifying usage bottlenecks and tracking service-level metrics.

Customer interview


Expensive mass update change requests, a lack of validation processes, and the inability to easily reverse changes are all common problems when it comes to maintaining data in SAP. Hear Data Management Manager Howie Hsu talk about the 75% savings Siemens saw on these IT support costs, the positive effects on end-users, and why Winshuttle is one of the most business changing tools they’ve seen in years.

Customer interview

Kelloggs – Fixed Asset Accounting

Financial operation automation is key to reducing the amount of time required to manually enter data, as well as reducing the errors that inevitably result from manual processes. Learn how Amber Bonnell and Lana Andrews use consistent Excel templates to take asset transfer time from 2 weeks down to just 2 hours, and how Winshuttle has helped them increase efficiency and improve accuracy in the Fixed Asset Management department at Kelloggs.

Product brochure


Allows companies to automate complex SAP-based processes across the organization, using forms and workflow technologies. Empower business users to streamline data collection and data validation processes across departments, while providing proper governance and administration controls.