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Product/solution brief

Asset MDM

Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution for Asset Data helps companies automate the management of physical assets through a single, centralized source of trusted data.

Product/solution brief

Customer MDM for B2B

Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution for B2B Customer Data helps organizations create, manage, and exploit a golden record of accurate and up-to-date customer data.


Driving Digital Transformation PIM Multi Domain MDM

Learn how the Automotive industry can experience strategic and tangible results from utilizing an enterprise-wide platform to master product content and data across domains. This eBook will examine: What business drivers are fueling the industry’s growth and evolution. The top three challenges aftermarket parts companies face in terms of data, standards, and meeting customer demands. How Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) can provide a long-term solution for driving operational and digital transformation.


Multi Domain MDM

Organizations today are critically reliant on data. When harnessed, high-quality data can be the lifeblood of an organization, flowing through an enterprise to drive intelligence, innovation, and growth. Yet all too often, companies can be overwhelmed by their data. Enterprise companies have grown to depend on multiple systems: ERP, warehouse, e-commerce, call center, CRM, accounting—the list goes on. Each system receives pieces of information by the system owner, and that data is managed, updated, and retired by the administrator of each system independently.


MDM Security Best Practices

Trusted, accurate data is the lifeblood of an organization. So is security – especially in the digital age. This White Paper explores the relationship between the two, and describes how EnterWorks utilizes Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) and security best practices to keep your company’s information safe.

Product/solution brief

Recipe for Success Food Commerce

EnterWorks is helping food manufacturers and brands gain a competitive edge with Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) software solutions that make operations more efficient while improving the food commerce experience.

Product/solution brief

MDM Customer Data

With EnterWorks MDM, your organization can integrate databases and systems, cleanse and consolidate data, match and merge entries, standardize data, and ensure data governance and stewardship support.

Product/solution brief

Cross Domain Intelligence

Organizations today are critically reliant on data. When harnessed, high-quality data can drive intelligence, innovation, and growth. Yet all too often, organizations are hurt by fragmented, ineffective data. This data often proves useless without the appropriate connections and relationships between data domains. Multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) can help.

Product/solution brief

Data Governance Stewardship

Download this solution overview to learn how ™ unites three essential areas of Data Governance & Stewardship through a centralized approach to ensure accountability and reduce the likelihood of errors.


4 Keys Unlocking Data Quality 1WS

You’ll learn how your organization can utilize Master Data Management (MDM) and the latest tools to validate, learn, report, and strategize for improved data quality.



It’s this convergence of environment, content, and experiences that ushers in a new approach: Multi-Domain Master Experience Management (MxM).


The Supplier Portal Playbook

The Winshuttle EnterWorks Master Data Management solution with Vendor Portal Software provides a portal to make onboarding and enriching product information and introductions faster and easier than ever. Organizations can create an onboarding workflow that enforces data standards for its suppliers and notifies internal teams about new product introductions, missing data, and other triggers that may need attention.

Recorded webinar

Everything MDM Virtual Conference: PIM, MDM, DAM – Oh my! – Demystifying Terminology of the Data Management Universe

Presented by Jean Bordelon and Dean Rutter of Bounteous

Jean Bordelon is the Director of Data Management at Bounteous. He is a broadly skilled, multi-disciplinary technical consultant who drives delivery of strong business value, and is passionate about crafting innovative solutions for complex problems that have real impact for client business. With a deep entrepreneurial background of creating and working with start-ups and industry leaders, Jean draws on experience and expertise to see the connection of the business needs and technical possibilities to lead the development of critical business web applications and solutions. Jean has a BS in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and is a Magento Certified Developer.

Dean Rutter is Senior Business Development Director at Bounteous. He joined Bounteous’ Business Development team after spending 35 years as a consultant and entrepreneur. He founded five businesses, leading technology solution development, program management, and business development. After 10 years with Accenture, Dean founded, where he first worked with Bounteous founders on the development of what has become the world’s largest apartment finding platform. Dean helps clients uncover technology strategies, find ways to handle complex programs, and develop innovative solutions. Besides the businesses he founded, Dean held several leadership roles in other growth businesses.

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Apr 14, 2020

Recorded webinar

Everything MDM Virtual Conference: Advanced Reporting and Analytics with PIM/MDM

Presented by Ramesh Prabhala, Satheesh Ramachandran, and Kartik Nanda of IntelliTide

Ramesh Prabhala is the founder of IntelliTide – a Data Science Platforms and Services company which uses the power of Data Management, Analytics and AI to find those hidden treasures in your data. Prior to founding IntelliTide, he led a number of global MDM and PIM implementations and worked in various technical management, engineering and consulting roles for some of the world’s largest companies.

Dr. Satheesh Ramachandran has been delivering machine learning solutions before the world woke up to machine learning. He has built models that score millions of debts for collections risk, predict millions of claims for fraud, predict default risk for millions of loans, predict which new song will be the next hit, score patients for readmission risk, and so on. Be it natural language processing, deep learning and neural networks, classical statistical models, optimization models, recommendation systems, Dr. Ramachandran has covered it all.

Kartik Nanda is AI Advisor at IntelliTide. His expertise is Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing and Algorithms (with multiple patents in these areas) spanning two decades and multiple domains including consumer electronics, e-retail, renewable energy and food supply chain.

Recorded webinar

Everything MDM Virtual Conference: Automate Your Data Syndication to Your eCommerce Channels

Presented by Christopher Holley of Productsup

Chris Holley is responsible for channel sales and ecosystem in North America for Productsup. With over 30 years of industry experience, he has run the gamut of roles from field sales to product management to channel sales and enablement. A veteran of five startups in the ‘90s, he spent 20 years at IBM software (most recently with Watson Customer Engagement) before joining Productsup in April, 2018. Previous to his channel role at Productsup, he led the establishment of their large enterprise commerce sales efforts in North America.

Recorded webinar

Everything MDM Virtual Conference: Expanding Your MDM Footprint – How to move from a single domain use case to multi-domain use cases with one platform

Presented by Michael Ayanwale and Eric Gilboe of Amplifi

Michael Ayanwale is the EnterWorks Practice Lead at Amplifi, responsible for solution and technical design for Amplifi delivery teams. Michael is a thought leader and MDM expert. He ensures that client solutions are both functional and scalable for present and future initiatives. His strong strategic and technical skill sets, with leadership qualities, helps to bolster Amplifi teammates around him and instill confidence with clients and partners. Prior to joining Amplifi, Michael held positions as a Manager at Capgemini, a Senior Solutions Consultant at Stibo Systems, and a Business Analyst with a telecommunication company where he led electronic billing projects. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kennesaw State University and a Master’s in Information Technology. Away from the office Michael enjoys playing sports, technology and spending time with family.

Eric Gilboe is the Principal Architect at Amplifi Commerce. He brings more than 10 years of PIM/MDM to the table as a business user, IT lead, and consultant. He began working with EnterWorks in 2012 when Fender Musical Instruments implemented Enable as part of their new data strategy. He has completed successful Enable implementations for the Food, Auto, Retail, and Manufacturing verticals. Eric’s primary of focus is around building a better and more flexible business user experience around data management while staying true to IT and core governance principles.

Recorded webinar

Everything MDM Virtual Conference: Optimizing Your Image Variants (Lessons Learned)

Presented by Jonathan Varo of Fender

Jonathan Varo is the team leader of the Product Information Management Group of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. In addition to leading the global management of Fender’s product information, he specializes in the syndication of data disseminated to numerous internal and external channels. Jon is a regular contributor at the annual EnterWorks® Engage conference and an active participant in sharing the benefits of PIM among the growing community of EnterWorks users. A professional musician outside of Fender, Jon performs with a variety of groups around the Phoenix area. He currently lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and two kids.

Recorded webinar

Everything MDM Virtual Conference: Experience the Journey Through Multi-Domain Master Data Management

Presented by Martin Schmidler of UniPro

Martin Schmidler is Vice President of Information Technology for UniPro Foodservice, a national purchasing cooperative that represents more than 450 independent food service distributors with collective sales volume over $115 billion. Prior to his current position, he held senior finance, supply chain planning, and technology positions for three Fortune 200 companies. He is a board member of, served two terms as President of the Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, an internationally recognized business honor society, and was a board member of the American Red Cross Metro Atlanta Chapter for 10 years. Martin has been recognized for his success by becoming a finalist in the 2018 Georgia CIO of the Year Award, finalist for the ATP Leadership and Innovation Award in 2015, and by receiving the Sara Lee Focus 2000 Leadership award. He is also a guest speaker in the areas of developing high-performance teams, vendor management and organizational change management. Raised in Los Angeles, California, Martin now lives with his wife in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys traveling.

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Mar 31, 2020

Analyst report

Forrester Wave Master Data Management Q1 2019

EnterWorks’ support of ecosystems is preparing it for the third generation of MDM. Its product strategy focuses on user personalization, AI, and machine learning. Customer references like the product’s ease of use, fast time-to-value, and flexibility.