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Case study

Eli Lilly

Learn how Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, uses Winshuttle to streamline data migration and standardize on SAP, enabling the move to a shared services model.

Recorded webinar

Eli Lilly: Accelerating SAP Process Innovation with Winshuttle

Please join us for a discussion with Eli Lilly Six Sigma experts about Winshuttle’s Business Value Assessment methods and how they accelerate SAP process innovation.

What You Will Learn:

  • The current benefits of linking with IT and a Lean or Six Sigma methodology
  • Eli Lilly’s Kaizen program utilizing Business Value Assessments (BVA) focusing on SAP order to cash process innovations
  • Results, learnings and best practices using Six Sigma tools to streamline business operations

Recorded webinar

EMEA Winshuttle User Group

Best Practice knowledge sharing for Winshuttle users.


Empower the Business for a Better SAP S/4HANA Migration

In this article, learn how Winshuttle can help ease your journey to S/4HANA and empower business teams to stay engaged throughout the migration.

Recorded webinar

Engie Automates Core SAP HR Processes – UK

Winshuttle helps companies to automate common SAP HR data entry processes that cover all aspects of the employee life cycle and the hire-to-retire business process.

Join our webinar to hear how ENGIE UK’s Shared Service Centre streamlined their HR processes saving huge amounts of time and freeing up key resources, realising 140 man-days of benefit in the first 4 months.

Learn how Winshuttle can automate commonly used SAP HR transactions including:

  • New hire actions via the PA40 transaction
  • Personnel change actions via the PA30 transaction
  • Creating or changing organisational information via the PP03 transaction
  • Maintaining positions via the PO13 transaction

Customer interview

Engie UK

Major organizational changes like acquisitions are difficult to manage from a master data point of view, particularly when using inflexible tools like LSMW. Learn how global energy leader Engie UK replaced LSMW with Winshuttle, streamlined SAP uploads and validation with Excel templates, and allowed the business to take control of their data.

White paper

Envisioning Perfect Master Data with Data Quality Monitoring

Sound management of master data business rules, standards, and controls is necessary for creating and sustaining high-quality data. This paper discusses the vital components of an effective data quality monitoring program to facilitate this process. It further presents a pragmatic approach to establishing such a program within an enterprise.

White paper

ERP Usability

Poor usability characteristics and unintuitive user interfaces of ERP systems decrease productivity and increase costs for businesses. This paper explores how ERP end user acceptance may be monitored, what metrics may be associated with ERP system usage, and how these metrics may be used as a basis for making informed decisions about enhancing, and thus accelerating, your ERP return on investment.

White paper

Establishing a Data Management Organization (DMO)

Thinking about establishing a data management organization (DMO)? This white paper provides insights into why companies should consider a DMO giving concise information about why and how this organization is critical to optimizing business processes and related business decisions. This paper will also outline three concrete recommendations that you can use to establish a DMO in your company.

Recorded webinar

Excel to SAP® – Automate pricing updates to cope with seasonal demand

Learn how Winshuttle customers have used an Excel-based solution to automate their pricing changes in SAP® and be responsive to a fast-paced market.

Recorded webinar

Excel to SAP® – How to Speed Up Sales Order Processing and Improve Accuracy

Learn how your business can streamline the creation and update of Sales Orders in SAP using Excel.

Product demo

Excel Workflow

Winshuttle’s Excel workflow functionality within Foundation allows you to easily route Excel files through a configurable workflow process and approve, reject or reassign workflow tasks, all from the familiar Microsoft Excel interface. This means you now have visibility and traceability you can’t achieve effectively via email; directly from Excel.

Recorded webinar

Extend your summer vacation: Get time back by automating common master data tasks

Automating your SAP master data processes will improve data quality and accuracy, and free up significant time for all your summer activities!

Step by step guide


Learn how Winshuttle Transaction can be used to post Journal Vouchers in SAP via the FB50 (Enter G/L Account Document) transaction.

Step by step guide


Learn how to use Winshuttle Studio to enter invoices into SAP.

Step by step guide


This document describes how Transaction can be used to post accruals/deferrals in SAP via the FBS1 (Enter Accrual/Deferral Document) transaction.

Recorded webinar

Finance Process Automation: the right data, at the right time – UK

Growing workloads and manual repetitive processes make it challenging for Finance and Accounting teams to get everything posted correctly, on time.

Recorded webinar

Financial postings and master data – One Excel tool to rule them all

Join us to learn how to streamline your SAP finance operations, and meet your first time correct goals!

Improve your financial SAP process efficiency

In recent years, the increase in business complexity has made it extremely difficult for Finance teams to get everything posted and corrected during the month-end close; especially if you’re using error-prone manual processes.

Register for this webinar to learn how Winshuttle’s solution for financial SAP data management allow you to:

– Eliminate manual data entry and get your data right the first time
– Reduce reliance on IT by enabling your finance team to upload journal postings directly from Excel to SAP
– Ensure compliance during data capture

Recorded webinar

First Steps to simplify your SAP Business Transformation journey

Despite the frequency and importance of transformations like mergers and acquisitions, business process outsourcing, and the introduction of shared service centres and enterprise software, managers rate their companies’ competencies rather poorly in this respect. The success rate of business transformation projects is very low.

Learn how Winshuttle’s solutions can help you address the underlying data and business processes to help you:

  • Control costs and meet your project deadlines by delivering solutions that add value within hours or days and NOT weeks or months.
  • Achieve better user adoption and faster change management by allowing the business to interact with SAP from familiar interfaces such as Excel, SharePoint or Web Forms.
  • Minimise risk and business interruptions by empowering business stakeholders to own the data, while IT keeps visibility, control and governance.

Recorded webinar

Five Most Valuable Processes for Automation in SAP Finance

Learn how automating 5 of the most valuable SAP processes in accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger accounting is helping finance teams accelerate their SAP journey.


Five ways to accelerate your financial accounting automation journey

Learn how your financial accounting and shared services teams can accelerate their journey to efficiency and value by automating five key areas across accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger accounting.

Product brochure


Allows companies to automate complex SAP-based processes across the organization, using forms and workflow technologies. Empower business users to streamline data collection and data validation processes across departments, while providing proper governance and administration controls.

Product brochure

Foundation Technical Brief

Learn how Winshuttle Foundation gives business teams the power to digitize and streamline the SAP processes that matter most to them, while IT stays firmly in control of who can do what.