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Storytelling: The New Shopping Reality

There have been many “omnichannel” technologies in recent years that have grabbed the attention and wallets of retailers but failed to deliver the customer experiences that were promised, often getting stalled out in the proof of concept stage. iBeacons and other similar technologies have the potential to capture customer behavior in a store, know when and where they look at products, enable you to present a next best offer to the customer in the aisle, and facilitate the convergence of online and mobile with offline.

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Supplier MDM

Watch this video to get an overview of how to create a single source of truth for your supplier data and drive supply-chain efficiency.


The Art of Automating Endless Aisle

In this e-book, we’ll discuss a game plan for turning your endless aisle strategy into an intelligent aisle implementation.

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The Data Whisperer – Telling Your Data Management Story with the 3Vs : Vocabulary, Voice and Vision

In this session you will learn practical tips to help you:

  • Understand the Role of Data Management in Data Storytelling and Data Literacy Efforts
  • Prove Data Management is Mission Critical and Macro-Trend agnostic
  • Leverage the 3Vs of Data Storytelling
    1. Establish an accessible Vocabulary
    2. Harmonize to a common Voice
    3. Illuminate the business Vision

Recorded webinar

The Data Whisperer – Master Data as the Foundation of Digital Transformation

Scott Taylor, known as The Data Whisperer, is a globally recognized thought leader and a consultant on the strategic value of proper data management. As Principal of MetaMeta Consulting, he provides Data Evangelism-as-a-Service to help enterprises and tech brands tell their data story by focusing on the WHY of business alignment rather than the HOW of technical implementation. He lives in Bridgeport, CT where he often kayaks in Black Rock harbor. He can also juggle pins and blow a square bubble.

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The Disruptive MDM/PIM/DQM List – How to Sustain Digital Ecosystems with Multi-Enterprise MDM

Henrik Liliendahl is a Data Quality, Data Governance, Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) professional based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Henrik has worked nearly 40 years in the intersection between IT and business with a large range of business areas as government, insurance, manufacturing, membership, healthcare, pharma, public transportation and retail.

One of his latest adventures is a start-up called Product Data Lake – a service in the intersection of big data and Product Information Management (PIM).


The Member Group PIM Starter Guide

EnterWorks offers a market-leading PIM solution that’s uniquely-positioned to help industry groups transform the way their members collaborate and compete with high-quality customer-centered offers.

Recorded webinar

The Significance of Implementing a Product Syndication Strategy

Watch this webinar featuring Peter Montross of Venzee to learn:

  • the key benefits to syndication,
  • how it complements MDM,
  • why implementing a product syndication strategy is the next step in expanding your MDM to the next level,
  • and what to look for in a syndication partner.


The Significance of Implementing a Product Syndication Strategy eBook

With the explosion of eCommerce across B2C and B2B, it’s never been more critical to capture every potential online sale. According to Gartner Director Analyst Simon Walker, organizations tend to approach PDS tactically with unsystematic and siloed solutions. They also fail to prioritize the high-quality product information required for syndication. Simon notes, “[these disparate solutions] will not be adequate going forward, and an end-to-end strategic approach is required.” In this eBook, we’ll explore how to transform your product syndication strategy with an end-to-end MDM and PDS approach.


The Supplier Portal Playbook

The Winshuttle EnterWorks Master Data Management solution with Vendor Portal Software provides a portal to make onboarding and enriching product information and introductions faster and easier than ever. Organizations can create an onboarding workflow that enforces data standards for its suppliers and notifies internal teams about new product introductions, missing data, and other triggers that may need attention.

Recorded webinar

Transform your digital experiences with product data – featuring Forrester

Learn how product information management (PIM) bridges operational platforms with digital experience initiatives to support your company’s digital journey, the digital trends that are broadening the scope of PIM, the importance of digitizing core product processes, and more.

Recorded webinar

United Refrigeration – Taking a Look Under the Hood of a Future-Proof Digitalization Strategy

Octavio Perales has a 20 year track record of successfully leading the deployment of business-enabling technologies. As Director of Solutions for Intershop North America, Octavio serves as chief product evangelist and as a trusted-advisor to client leadership. He is responsible for defining a path to success for prospective customers looking to establish or modernize their B2B e-Commerce business operations and technical architecture. This includes matching business goals, budget, timeline, and integration requirements to Intershop’s features, functionality and professional services.

Chris Bock has been with United Refrigeration for almost 42 years. Currently, Chris is their Director of Marketing.

Bill Derr is the Director of Digital Initiatives for United Refrigeration. He has been with United Refrigeration for almost 2 years.
Prior to United Refrigeration, Bill managed several enterprise implementations at LECG, Grant Thorton and others.

Berenice Linck has served many roles during her 20 years at United Refrigeration. Currently, she is their Catalog Development and Production Specialist. Berenice is responsible for producing and approving their 1,300 page print catalog and supervising the ongoing maintenance of over 50,000 products and their digital assets.

Mike McAnulty is the Digital Marketing Manager for United Refrigeration. He has been with United Refrigeration for almost 3 years.
Prior to United Refrigeration, Mike managed operations at National Refrigeration Products and Ally Bank.

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Winshutte Global Address Verification with MDM

Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution featuring Global Address Verification enables organizations to verify the accuracy of address information to create, manage, and exploit a golden record of accurate and up-to-date data.

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Winshutte Reporting

Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution with reporting capabilities empowers enterprises to monitor the status of the content lifecycle management process in order to make corrections and speed successful initiatives.

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Wishuttle 10 Retail Trends for 2019

Extraordinary opportunity awaits those who can move faster and smarter. Start strategizing with a new study from Coresight Research, 10 Retail Trends for 2019. We’re providing this free report to pass along fresh insights and analysis on the top trends to follow this year.

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Learn how EnterWorks Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution featuring our enterprise workflow engine enables organizations to easily automate processes for assigning responsibilities and completing tasks throughout the content and data management lifecycle.