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Customer interview

Scientific Drilling

In this customer interview, learn how Scientific Drilling used Winshuttle as a faster, flexible alternative to LSMW and Data Services to streamline their SAP S/4HANA implementation.

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Plant Maintenance Solution Brief

Whether you’re responsible for plant, fleet, or facilities maintenance, your organization is constantly under pressure to improve efficiency and reduce risk. But your team can’t make good decisions if your SAP data is incomplete, inconsistent, or full of errors. Winshuttle makes it faster and easier for you to get data right and keep it right, as you acquire and retire assets and infrastructure. The result is higher productivity, lower maintenance costs, and reduced risk of equipment failure and the associated impact on the environment, health, and safety.

Case study

Imperial Logistics

In this case study, learn how Imperial Logistics International is using Winshuttle to streamline their move from SAP R/3 to S/4HANA Finance.

Recorded webinar

RPA for SAP® 101

Automate your financial SAP processes with Winshuttle’s RPA for SAP. Get up to speed on RPA best practices and learn more about reducing costly errors and delays through automation, RPA successes and shortcomings for finance and shared services teams, and leveraging RPA for upcoming initiatives and SAP projects.

Recorded webinar

Winshuttle User Group (EMEA)

For those who can’t attend our Local WUGs in person, this is a webinar focusing on best practice for one key area. This time we will be talking about best practices for using Winshuttle tools, such as using Query to export text that can be edited and loaded back into SAP and other topics suggested by customers.


NPI Survey Results

If you work for a large manufacturer that uses SAP ERP and are involved in launching new products, we think you’ll find the results of our latest survey interesting reading. Whether you are responsible for a line of products or are in a supply chain, operations, IT, or master data role, this report is a great way to learn what your peers are doing and planning to do when it comes to their New Product Introduction (NPI) or product launch processes.

Recorded webinar

An Essential Toolkit for Automating and Improving SAP Plant Maintenance Operations

Accelerate your SAP plant maintenance processes with Winshuttle. Learn how to automate master data creation, streamline transactional tasks, and improve the quality of your data.

Recorded webinar

New Product Introduction Insights

Find out how manufacturers are running their product launches, and what the future holds for organizations running their operations on SAP.

Recorded webinar

Streamline your New Product Introduction Process (EMEA)

Cut product launch cycle time by 50% or more by digitising and streamlining your new product introduction process. Find out how Winshuttle’s New Product Introduction solution will enable you to eliminate slow, manual, error prone launch processes, scale your launch capacity without needing to add headcount, and get on the fast track to quicker, more successful launches using the right software, services, and industry best practices.

Recorded webinar

Improve your SCM Processes by Automating your Data Loading Tasks with Winshuttle

Remove inefficiencies in your supply chain with Winshuttle’s alternative to LSMW.

Recorded webinar

Clear your IT backlog with this alternative to LSMW

Empower the business to automate their own SAP processes, freeing up IT and resources.

Recorded webinar

Meet your SAP Data Migration Rollouts on Time – Every Time

Speed up your SAP rollouts with Winshuttle.

Recorded webinar

Simplify Mass Maintenance for your SAP Master Data using Excel

A flexible and secure alternative to LSMW for all your master data maintenance needs.

Recorded webinar

Streamline your New Product Introduction Process

Cut product launch cycle time by 50% or more by digitizing and streamlining your new product introduction process.

Recorded webinar

Data Management for SAP (EMEA)

Eliminate manual data entry and improve data accuracy by automating how you collect, validate and move data to and from SAP.

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Alternative to LSMW: Technical Brief

Business teams have a great demand for data uploads/extractions in and out of SAP and have traditionally relied on technical tools such as LSMW for those tasks, which brings a significant, unpredictable amount of work for IT to support the business. IT often becomes a bottleneck at supporting the business in creating and maintaining scripts. Current tools lack flexibility and are not scalable, while the cumbersome error-handling can cause huge delays when running the scripts. Winshuttle Studio offers an easy, flexible alternative to LSMW that can reduce the burden on IT, as it minimizes the time needed for developing templates and scripts, without compromising security or governance.

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Alternative to LSMW: Solution Brief

Simplify everyday tasks by automating data movement.

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New Product Introduction Solution Brief: Manufacturers

Manufacturers across all sectors are under pressure to innovate, get to market faster and gain the agility needed to compete with new business models and more nimble competitors. Learn how you can dramatically reduce launch cycle time by digitizing and streamlining your new product introduction process.

Product brochure

New Product Introduction Solution Brief: Consumer Goods

The rise of the millennials, disruptive market entrants, and rapidly changing technology are transforming the food and beverage industry. Learn how you can dramatically reduce your time to market by digitizing and streamlining your new product introduction process.

Recorded webinar

SAP S/4HANA and Seamless Data Migrations

Learn how to easily and efficiently move to SAP S/4HANA, without compromising data quality. If you are considering a move to S/4HANA, this webinar is for you! Find out how to:

  • Rapidly automate the movement of data between S/4HANA and Excel AND ensure high data quality
  • Extract data, manipulate it in Excel, and upload it directly into S/4HANA

Recorded webinar

A Fast 3 Step Alternative to LSMW (EMEA)

LSMW’s highly technical process to upload data to SAP and developer level access requirements make it difficult for business users to utilise. You need a solution that allows you to take control of SAP business processes, reduce your reliance on IT and improve productivity.

Case study


Find out how Groupe L’OCCITANE uses Winshuttle as an easier, faster alternative to LSMW to manage over 300 000 products in SAP, and improve data quality and productivity.

Recorded webinar

Process Automation for SAP Vendor Master

Automating your vendor master data processes will improve data quality and accuracy, and accelerate vendor record creation and change, freeing up time and resources.