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White paper

Lean Data Management Practices: Seeking value is a never-ending story

Lean techniques are a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to keep the value and reduce the waste of processes with small, incremental changes in order to improve efficiency and quality. This whitepaper presents continuous improvement as a way of life, rather than a one-time task.

Recorded webinar

Lean IT: Creating business led, IT enabled solutions

Shadow IT has become commonplace as the demand for fast-paced limitless information rises. When the business resorts to self-sourcing solutions without the knowledge of IT, it can lead to risks in security and control, and avoidable mistakes.

In this ASUG webinar, Michael Orzen describes how a lean IT framework for continuous improvements will minimize process delays and reworks, and help build trust with the business.

Recorded webinar

Learn from BP how to simplify the SAP Hire to Retire process (UK)

See how to simplify the SAP Hire-to-Retire process. Learn real answers to your SAP Hire to Retire process optimisation questions and listen to a case study from BP. Identify where in your H2R business process you can get maximum capacity benefit at minimal cost, i.e. lowering costs for core HR— eg. on boarding employees.

Recorded webinar

Learn how Arizona Chemical improves SAP supply chain efficiency using Winshuttle’s workflow solutions

Frustrated by business interruptions in the supply chain leading to production downtime?

If you answered yes, you need to see just how easy it is to improve the efficiency of your supply chain operations.
What You Will Learn

At this free webinar see how Arizona Chemicals used Winshuttle to:

  •     Reduce production downtime by improving tracking of spare parts
  •     Improve supply chain efficiency by making continuous improvements to master data, following a lean approach
  •     Avoid business interruptions caused by errors or omissions in master data

Recorded webinar

Learn how to Accelerate SAP Consumer Goods Product Time to Market

Are you frustrated by critical data trapped in siloed systems, leading to a number of problems. You need consistent information on materials and products as well as their lineage from suppliers. Perfect Master Data is possible. In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can reduce the time it takes to create new products and increase visibility, which means faster time-to-market and allows YOU to be more competitive.

In this webinar, you will learn how non-programmers use Winshuttle to:

  • Bring products to market quicker by increasing the speed of material, finished goods and seasonal article creation in SAP
  • Accelerate M&A time-to-value by combining critical master data more efficiently
  • Remove seasonal bottlenecks by eliminating manual data entry
  • Accelerate product allocation processes – significantly increase promotional market responsiveness
  • Maximize revenue by performing real-time pricing analysis

Recorded webinar

Leveraging Principles of Lean Applications Development

Using Winshuttle for SAP supply chain, human resource and IT asset management business process and data management innovation

Attend this webcast and learn how US Sugar, the largest producer of cane sugar in the United States, leverages the principles of lean applications development for supply chain, human resource and IT asset data management innovation. For the past two years, US Sugar has used Winshuttle to address a variety of lean applications including data management, vendor master – customer invoicing, and personnel administration – user account management. Get insights from Robert Jamerson, ERP Programmer Analyst with US Sugar, into their implementation of a lean applications development environment designed to align data and business processes while accelerating product development cycle time.

Case study


Learn how Maersk, a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, uses Winshuttle solutions at numerous global service centers to increase productivity, redeploy employees to higher value tasks, and significantly reduce errors and corrections.

Customer interview


The need to eliminate process variance for end users and host Excel macros in a structured environment is imperative for shared services organizations. Hear Director of Finance & Accounting Processes Kartsen Lund talk about how A.P. Moller Maersk used Winshuttle to improve transactional productivity, reduce the need for end-user training and IT involvement, and achieve an estimated 400% return on investment within 1 year.

Customer interview

Mark Goodaire

Time consuming, inaccurate manual data entry is a challenge for every Master Data and Shared Services organization, particularly during SAP migrations. Listen to Director of Data Governance Mark Goodaire explain how his team used Winshuttle to efficiently migrate 10 hospitals and 11 organizations on to a single SAP instance.  By allowing the business to manage scripts and accurately load large numbers of data requests without excessive staff requirements, his team was able to reduce the burden on IT and see immediate vendor master and supply chain improvements.

White paper

Master Data Design Patterns: Accelerating Time to Value Using Developer Best Practices

Winshuttle Solution Engineering has invested more than several thousand man-hours to develop Master Data Design Patterns within the SAP software space. This paper covers several key categories of these design patterns and illustrates how they can benefit a developer or author engaged in building master data workflow solutions.

White paper

Master Data Maturity Assessment Perception vs. Reality

Well-managed master data is essential to any SAP business process. This paper summarizes the findings from recent surveys and series of interviews with SAP professionals representing every major enterprise department, with the goal to answer questions related to current trends in master data maturity.

Recorded webinar

Material Data Creation Process Innovation with Winshuttle Composer

Is there a better way to do SAP material data creation? Join us for a webinar and learn about Winshuttle’s platform for automating SAP material data collection, validation and movement.

Learn how business users can take an active role in process optimization including:

  • Data Collection – Automate getting all of the data needed for SAP material creation data processes
  • Data Validation – Built in data validation at the point of entry – get it right the first time
  • Data Movement – Migrate data either en masse or at a single transaction record level; from originator to reviewer to approver to data upload.

Hear how Winshuttle complements these core capabilities with the needed infrastructure for material data creation security, and governance

Recorded webinar

Material master data creation process improved by Winshuttle

Learn about Winshuttle’s platform for building lean applications to automate SAP data collection, validation and movement.See how Winshuttle allows business users to automate material master creation process, as well as modifying, updating and validating material master in SAP. These principles can also be applied to vendor and customer master data processes.

Recorded webinar

Maximise your SAP and Excel Investments

Learn how Winshuttle software can help you to easily integrate SAP and Microsoft Excel, improving the speed and accuracy of SAP data operations while maintaining security and governance policies.

In this free webinar you will see how non-programmers can use Winshuttle to:

  • Maximise productivity with Microsoft Excel as your new SAP interface
  • Enable Microsoft Excel as a secure front-end for getting data into and out of SAP
  • Build custom Excel templates for mass data entry and updating
  • Use Microsoft SharePoint to add workflow and process automation to Excel-based solutions

Case study

MDM Institute Field Report

An independent research firm evaluated Winshuttle as a Master Data solution. See what they found.

Step by step guide


Learn how Winshuttle Transaction can be used to create a purchase order in the SAP Business Suite from data in Microsoft Excel using the SAP transaction ME21N.

Case study


Learn how Medtronic, the largest medical technology company in the world, uses Winshuttle Transaction to improve end users’ productivity while enhancing job satisfaction, adapt to organizational changes more easily and cost-effectively, and streamline small-site SAP deployments.

Recorded webinar

Meet your SAP Data Migration Rollouts on Time

Find out how to move data between Excel and SAP to improve your productivity without relying on IT for every single data task.

Recorded webinar

Meet your SAP Data Migration Rollouts on Time – Every Time

Speed up your SAP rollouts with Winshuttle.

Customer interview


Maintaining complicated master data scenarios can be time consuming and labor intensive.  Hear SAP Business Analyst  Karsten Salin describe how Meneta used Winshuttle to save over 209 hours by cutting their MM02 product creation time from 18 minutes to 2 minutes.