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Change the way you work with SAP

Learn how to automate and streamline data-intensive processes across your business.


How the robots are taking on manual journal entries

The ability to effectively streamline SAP financial data entry processes is a dream for most financial teams. Less time spent manually collating and managing data and numbers means more available time to spend on analysing figures and delivering greater business insights.


It’s “Do or Die” for Many SAP Customers

How large manufacturers are struggling to keep pace with industry dynamics.

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Where SAP MDG and Winshuttle Foundation fit into your SAP data management and automation portfolio

Find out how both solutions can fit into a comprehensive SAP data management and automation portfolio.

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Industry Report: The state of manufacturers’ new product introduction processes

Why better and faster product launches are key to operational agility.

White paper

Overcoming the Challenges of General-Purpose RPA Tools for SAP Automation

If you are responsible for developing and managing enterprise automation roadmaps that include SAP ERP systems, this paper is for you, as well as functional business managers who recognize the need for automating SAP processes.


Financial Shared Services and How to Avoid the Inefficiency Trap

In large corporations, it is becoming increasingly common to find multiple finance functions amalgamated into one financial shared services centre. The shared services model can help corporate finance teams meet their efficiency targets but avoiding the inefficiency trap caused by moving and transforming financial data into one place is essential if the business is going to meet strict efficiency targets.

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Monster Energy transforms its product launch processes with Winshuttle (EMEA)

Join us to hear how Monster Energy took a three-phased approach to digital transformation.

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A Fast 3 Step Alternative to LSMW

Find out why Winshuttle Studio is a more powerful, business-friendly alternative to LSMW that allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce time needed to develop automations through an easy 3 step process, compared to the 14 steps required in LSMW
  • Create, edit and run SAP automations directly from the familiar Excel interface
  • Easily find and correct erroneous data

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SAP-specific RPA from Winshuttle

Have an RPA Initiative? Learn the benefits of adopting a portfolio approach to RPA deployment; and how we can help you deliver more effective end-to-end process automation, quickly and providing you faster ROI.

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Improve Process Efficiency in Shared Service Centres

For many Shared Service Centres it’s their SAP data processes that are proving to be the bottleneck in delivering a faster, more cost-effective service.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the barriers to efficient processes and how we can help you lower your cost per transaction across core areas including:

  • Financial Shared Services
  • Human Resources and Organisational Management
  • Procure-to-Pay Processes
  • Master Data Management and Governance

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Must-have strategies to build successful and flawless Loops

Easily execute repeatable processes to save time and reduce manual entry and risk for errors

Recorded webinar

Monster Energy transforms its product launch processes with Winshuttle

Learn how this fast-growing, global beverage company digitized and transformed their SAP launch processes with Winshuttle’s NPI solution.

Case study

Columbia Sportswear

See how Columbia Sportswear automated repetitive manual tasks, supported data cleansing via Winshuttle log output, allowed heavy volumes of SAP data to load faster and easier, improved audit processes, and enabled more efficient SAP security testing.

Product demo

Streamline vendor master data while increasing data quality and compliance

See how to create new master data records faster with a forms and workflow solution that ensures that you adhere to your business rules and procedures and improves the quality of your vendor master data.

Product demo

Speed up vendor master updates with an Excel-based solution

See how to create Excel-based solutions that speed up the maintenance of vendor and other master data while improving data quality.

Product demo

Create and update materials & BoMs faster with an Excel-based solution

See how to create Excel-based solutions that speed up the creation and maintenance of materials, BoMs, and other master data while improving data quality.


Key Considerations for Migrating Your SAP Finance Operations to SAP S/4HANA

Finance is core to your business, and migrating your finance operations to SAP S/4HANA is among the most crucial components of the transition. Many SAP customers are voicing some apprehension about making the move, not sure of what is in store for them and how best to prepare for the shift. This article focuses on two areas we find are causing some concern among Winshuttle customers: implementing the material ledger and moving to account-based profitability analysis.


5 Financial Accounting Processes to Kick Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

Finance Monthly hears from Andrew Hayden, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Winshuttle, who discusses the key accounting processes behind a successful digital transformation.

Recorded webinar

A Fast 3-Step Alternative to LSMW

LSMW was built to assist IT during SAP deployment data migrations – not for everyday business use. What if there was a tool that could be utilized by business users to easily create and update automations quickly and accurately without any required programming? Find out why Winshuttle Studio is a more powerful, business-friendly alternative to LSMW.

Product brochure

Winshuttle Enterprise Journal Entry Solution Brief

Learn how to get control of processes and improve your ability to manage massive amounts of financial data while simultaneously improving governance, data quality, and employee productivity.


Where SAP MDG and Winshuttle Evolve Fit into an SAP Data Management and Automation Portfolio

Learn how to make the most of your limited SAP IT budget and resources by choosing the right solution for the task at hand.