Project Management – CJ20N

Simplify the project management processes

Winshuttle Transaction enables project managers to use Excel to enter project structures into SAP Project Systems (PS) instead of using SAP Project Builder (CJ20N). Because users have greater familiarity with Excel, they can build the project structures more efficiently and avoid cumbersome SAP processes that require more time and involve multiple screens and interfaces. Project managers can use Transaction throughout a project to manage project information in Excel and upload the updates directly into SAP.

Because SAP PS integrates with several other SAP modules, the project management efficiencies facilitated by Transaction can help companies:

  • Realize higher returns on their SAP investments
  • Drive process improvements across business units
  • Manage SAP PS projects more cost-effectively

Upload the project information directly into SAP using Transaction

Upload the project information directly into SAP using Transaction


Can I use Winshuttle technologies with other transactions in SAP PS?
Yes. Many Winshuttle customers also use this same approach to automate processes for cost planning (CJ40), revenue planning (CJ42) and maintaining work breakdown structure elements (CJ12) and more.
Can I devolve the data entry of project structures to non-SAP users?
Yes. The Excel templates that users create to define project structures can be distributed to project managers and assistants who do not have access to SAP. Anyone can enter data into Excel, but only authorized SAP users can upload the data into the SAP system.