Cost Management

Improve the efficiency of SAP cost management processes

Winshuttle technologies help companies to more effectively identify their most valuable customers and products and test the impact of price and process changes on costs and profitability. With this insight, managers can make more informed business decisions. Winshuttle Query enables users to quickly and easily extract live SAP data to create Excel-based reports that can facilitate better analysis of SAP cost management data, including customer value, cost to serve, and IT services costing.

Query comes pre-installed with an easy to understand SAP data dictionary and supports simple drag and drop procedures that enable users to quickly create queries for virtually any cross section of SAP modules.

If users need to update data, they can use Winshuttle Transaction to quickly make changes to one or many data points in Excel’s familiar and more usable interface, and then upload the data directly to SAP.

Ensure data security and infrastructure stability

Query and Transaction comply with all SAP and company-specific governance and security policies—only authorized users may extract and update SAP data. Additionally, Query uses patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling technology to optimize query execution based on the current load on the SAP system.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to improve SAP cost management processes

  • Complete support for SAP cost management data and process integrity
  • Reduced data entry fields and screens, leading to measurable improvements in transaction productivity
  • Reduced programming costs
  • Less time required to train end users and developers
  • Improved quality of costing data and SAP cost management processes