Asset Transfer – ABUMN

Simple automation without ABAP programming

Update SAP assets from non-SAP sources

ABUMN asset transfer

ABUMN asset transfer

Business users can transfer assets in Finance (FI), Costing (CO) and Asset Management (AM) modules rapidly and consistently with Winshuttle Transaction. Using Transaction for ABUMN actions enables users to more efficiently update SAP with the target allocations and values—including those in non-SAP sources like Excel and Access—so that SAP correctly reflects costing and asset assignments. This approach can reduce weeks of work to hours or minutes, and helps businesses avoid expensive investments in custom ABAP interfaces.

Transfer SAP Assets Efficiently and Accurately

The accuracy of account assignments and other attributes associated with assets is a critical aspect of finance, costing, and asset accounting. Business users can use the ABUMN transaction code to transfer assets with little difficulty, but the volumes of data may make this a very time-consuming activity.

Failure to correctly assign account information for assets can result in incorrect costing allocations and can have a more pervasive effect on financial accounting and reporting.

Companies and entities that use SAP for cost management accounting can use ABUMN with Transaction to automate mass transfers of asset information. Additionally, business users can use Transaction with Excel and Access data sources to rapidly and systematically maintain configuration and master data in SAP.

Benefits of using Transaction with ABUMN processes include:

  • Consistent and simplified templates for ABUMN data submission
  • Accelerated mass execution of asset transfers
  • Avoid time-consuming and complex ABAP code or data-manipulation routines to create data bridges between Excel and other data sources and SAP


Can I use Transaction with other SAP transactions?
Yes. Transaction works with any standard SAP transaction code and customers’ own Z transactions.
Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
Transaction requires no ABAP components, but it may require scripting to be enabled on the SAP system for use with this particular transaction. It requires no other changes in SAP system configuration.
Can an unauthorized user change records and create data using this solution?
No. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they can only execute or record Transaction scripts against the transactions that they are authorized to use in SAP.
Will the system audit trail be logged in SAP?
Yes. The SAP log file will be updated with the user and transaction information just as if the transaction had occurred manually using SAP data-entry screens.