Make to Order

Streamline SAP Make to Order (MTO) processes through improved usability

Winshuttle technologies improve the usability of SAP MTO processes by replacing complex SAP GUI transaction processing navigation (e.g. multiple fields, screens) or by providing the ability to manipulate massive amounts of data (e.g. data migration, maintenance, integration or extraction). These use cases help companies achieve higher customer satisfaction, generate better margins and revenues, and reduce operating costs. With Winshuttle Query, users can quickly extract real-time SAP data into a familiar interface like Excel, allowing them to more efficiently analyze information such as inventory data and production and sales orders. If users determine that the data or orders need to be updated, they can use Winshuttle Transaction to make those changes in Excel and securely upload the data directly into SAP. By using a familiar interface using Winshuttle Designer, users can avoid redundant data entry tasks and the many screens involved in SAP MTO processes.

SAP planning, production, and delivery process improvements facilitated by Winshuttle technologies

  • Accelerated creation and maintenance of bills of materials (BOMs)
  • Creation of SAP MTO applications without programming expertise—instead of more expensive BASIS, ABAP, and workflow solutions
  • Streamlined inventory and warehouse processes, such as MB1A and MB1B—goods withdrawal and transfer posting
  • Integrated end-to-end SAP MTO processes—linked BOM, warehouse, inventory, and receipt transactions, and specific processes segmented based on users’ SAP security profiles
  • Significantly less time spent on data entry for mass data uploads or multiple-header line-item BOM creation
  • These comprehensive improvements to SAP MTO data management and business processes help managers proactively address production planning, manufacturing, inventory, and sales distribution trends. The flexibility of Winshuttle technologies enables companies to apply these tools to virtually any SAP MTO process and remain compliant with security and governance policies.