Make to Order Production

Accuracy and timeliness of data is never more crucial than with Make to Order Production

Unlike mass production, make to order (MTO) companies must custom tailor each item and craft it to exact customer specifications. In MTO, an order triggers the product creation event, so it is imperative to streamline the processes involved in sourcing the materials to manufacture, route, configure and deliver the product to a customer. These same challenges are usually experienced in BTO (build to order), ATO (assemble to order) and ETO (engineer to order) as well.

The ultimate goal is to accelerate time-to-market and decrease wasted time due to bad data caused by human errors or lack of automation.

Winshuttle helps organizations reach a higher maturity level with their Master Data Governance and enables mass maintenance via familiar front-end interfaces. With Winshuttle Query, users can quickly extract real-time SAP data into a familiar interface like Excel, allowing them to more efficiently analyze information such as inventory data, production and sales orders. Changes can then be made, validated and approved before being posted back to SAP. Enterprises can also integrate SharePoint with SAP by using Winshuttle Foundation.

Winshuttle supports all SAP MTO transactions and processes including:

  • VA01, VA02
  • MM01, MM02
  • MIGO
  • CS01, CS02
  • CA01, CA02
  • ME21N, ME22N