Order to Cash

Decrease time and resources

Our customers often experience challenges with spending the majority of their time and effort firefighting around the order to cash (O2C) process. Substantial manual effort is required to keep the process running smoothly, and significant time is wasted waiting for other departments to provide information and approvals. When issues arise with cash collection, errors are often identified and take considerable effort to correct.

O2C cycle

The Order-to-Cash Cycle

Winshuttle addresses these concerns in the O2C process by allowing you to:

Improve order entry cycle time

Winshuttle helps reduce your manual order entry time, freeing up customer service resources so your team can dedicate more time towards assisting customers with interpersonal interactions.

Increase revenue

By improving the overall efficiency of the O2C process, Winshuttle gives you the opportunity to gain new business and increase revenue that would have otherwise been missed, due to longer lead times.

Improve customer lead time and satisfaction

Winshuttle allows you to decrease your lead time to customers – creating productivity savings in the overall O2C process and improving customer satisfaction.

Are your O2C challenges related to master data?

Master data is often the bottle neck to starting an order to cash process and can greatly affect your lead times and overall adequacy. Winshuttle can help you improve efficiency for every step in the O2C process (see diagram) including the creation of master data.

Winshuttle streamlines data collection, data validation and data movement. Implemented with lean iterative cycle times, you can gain quick wins but also remain agile as your business processes evolve. Our lean data management platform allows you to learn and improve your processes quicker, gaining increased efficiency with each cycle.

Business analysts can accelerate process optimizations by having an active role in developing solutions to problems they know best. This approach is possible with Winshuttle’s rapid deployment capabilities that allow the business to help develop solutions with minimal IT support.

Winshuttle can improve your overall O2C efficiency by optimizing the sub processes. Winshuttle validates and automates data into SAP for order entry, pricing, and mass changes to material and customer records. Additionally, Winshuttle provides governance and workflow around more complicated scenarios such as the data collection for new material and customer records.

Due to the time savings we’ve seen with Winshuttle, I haven’t needed to add head count even as the company continues to expand.

Joseph Wieczorek
Director, Master Data Organization